Secure improvements to HGV safety in London

Secure improvements to HGV safety in London

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London Councils is consulting on plans to require HGVs to install safety features by changing the conditions of the London Lorry Control Scheme.

The potential changes would require HGVs with a permit to fit side guards and extra mirrors to help improve safety, particularly for cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

British Cycling has been campaigning on HGV safety for the past couple of years, becoming increasingly concerned about the dangers they can pose to cyclists on the roads.

The London Lorry Control Scheme restricts HGVs over 18 tonnes from using the majority of London roads between the hours of 9pm and 7am and from 1pm Saturday to 7am Monday. The aim of the scheme is to help minimise noise pollution in residential areas during unsocial hours through restricted use of roads.

The proposals would only affect those HGVs that obtain a permit but London Councils says that these vehicles are also used at other times of the day.

Consultation deadline: 28 February 2014

Take the survey and support the inclusion of side-guards and safety mirrors (questions 5 and 6)