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Chris Boardman MBE

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Chris Boardman is British Cycling’s very own multi-time Olympic medallist, multi-time world champion and multi-time world record breaker.

After retiring from professional racing he has held various positions at British Cycling, including Head of Research and Development which has created world leading equipment designs and coaching methods.

 “I feel like screaming. The solution to so many of the problems our country is facing is right in front of us, all wrapped up in the shape of the bicycle.”

Chris Boardman MBE

Now as British Cycling’s Policy Advisor, he applies his forensic mind to issues relating to transport policy and cycle safety.

Chris, a father to six children with his wife Sally-Anne, is passionate about transforming the way we travel by putting cycling at the heart of transport policy.

Chris’s best bits

Chris makes regular appearances in national media to speak strongly about the need to design cycling back into our roads and communities.

Chris rode with Boris when he launched his 'Vision for Cycling in London', he is the official 'champion' for the new Liverpool cycle hire scheme and also supported Greater Manchester’s bid to become a cycling city.

Chris is often touted as the countries' future cycling 'tsar' but says he would only take the job if it came with real power to make the changes needed for Britain to become a true cycling nation.


  • Chris Boardman MBE was born on the Wirral on 26 August 1968.
  • Olympic gold medallist in Barcelona 1992 in the individual pursuit, bronze medallist in 1996 Atlanta in the road race
  • Three times breaker of the world hour record and three times prologue winner in the Tour de France
  • Held position various positions at British Cycling including Director of Elite Coaching and Head of Research and Development.

  • ITV and BBC commentator for major cycling events
  • Writes for various publications including Pro Cycling
  • Co-founded Boardman Bikes

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