British Cycling disappointed with Government’s road safety response

British Cycling disappointed with Government’s road safety response

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This followed an extensive inquiry, including taking evidence from The Times Editor, James Harding and British Cycling member and MP, Ian Austin, earlier in the year, which British Cycling supported

The report called for strong central government leadership on road safety, echoing Jon Snow’s calls.  British Cycling has also been calling for political leadership in cycling, calling on the Department for Transport to include cycle safety assessments in all their policy decisions

The government response to the Committee’s inquiry does not take up any of the recommendations in the report including providing leadership in this critical area.  Louise Ellman MP, the Transport Select Committee’s chairwoman said “The DfT has wasted an opportunity to demonstrate focus and leadership on road safety.”  She went on to say “We will be watching closely over the coming months to see if the Department provides significant pro-active leadership in…road safety not least that relating to cyclists and motorcyclists.”  

Martin Gibbs, Policy and Legal Affairs Director at British Cycling responded by saying “British Cycling shares the Transport Select Committee’s disappointment at the Department for Transport’s response to the Committee’s Road Safety inquiry. 

"The Committee was absolutely right to call for strong leadership and cross-departmental collaboration. We know from experience abroad that to make significant increases in the numbers of people cycling and improvements in cycle safety the government must put cycling at the heart of its transport policy. This is a disappointing response from the Government which lists a few modest measures with no central strategy for improving cycling in this country. It’s another missed opportunity.”  

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