Improving the justice system to protect and support vulnerable road users

Improving the justice system to protect and support vulnerable road users

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Better justice and enforcement is a key theme in our 10-point plan, Time to #ChooseCycling, and is an issue which many of our members feel strongly about.

British Cycling along with other organisations including the CTC, think it is clear that the current justice system often delivers results which send the wrong message about the right of people to ride safely on the roads.

For example, Rob Jefferies, a former British Cycling volunteer coordinator, was hit and killed by an 18 year old man who was given an 18 month ban, a re-test and 200 hours community service.

We have been calling for the Government to undertake a full, joined-up review of the way in which incidents where cyclists are killed or injured are investigated and prosecuted and then make the changes needed to give all road users confidence that that the justice system is playing the role it should do to protect them.

We're campaigning for

  • More resources for enforcement and investigations
  • Review of the Crown Prosecution Service charging standards
  • A full examination of the sentencing guidelines
  • Better data linking investigations and prosecutions

Current situation

British Cycling is a member of the Department for Transport’s Justice Working Group for Vulnerable Road Users. The Group will look at all aspects of the criminal justice system to ensure that it is adequately protecting vulnerable road users.

This includes looking at how incidents are investigated, the legal framework of offences available, the guidance given to the CPS, and the level of support offered to victims and their families. The group will consider whether there is a case for sentencing guidelines to be reviewed, what can be done to increase the transparency of data on outcomes of cases and whether a public information and education programme is needed.

British Cycling, CTC and Road Peace have met the Sentencing Council and Crown Prosecution Service to discuss updates to guidance in relation to bad driving. We will keep members informed of progress

British Cycling supports the CTC’s Road Justice Campaign 

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