Your bad driving stories

Your bad driving stories

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Stories where justice isn’t done

We asked you to send us your stories of incidents on the road, when you’ve been hit or had near misses or witnessed it happen to someone else. Here are selection of those submitted, and some from Leigh Day & Co, the specialist solicitors who deal with cases in which our members are involved.

Please do keep sending us your stories – the more cases we build up the more evidence we have to hold the government and others responsible to account.

Rohan Battison – knocked off by a taxi

On 14th November 2008 Rohan, a British Cycling member, was knocked off his bike by a taxi turning left, knocking him out instantly. The police apprehended the driver at the scene but he was later let off without any action being taken against him. Rohan managed to claim some compensation from the driver through Leigh Day & Co.

Richard Johnson – knocked off by car emerging from side road

On 27th October 2009, Richard was knocked off by a car emerging from a side road who said he didn’t see him. The police didn’t take any action against the driver putting it down as an accident. Richard complained to the police about the attitude of the individual officer and received an apology.

Andrew Digby – knocked off by car turning left into driveway

On 3rd May 2011, Andrew, a British Cycling member, was knocked off his bike by a car who overtook him exiting a roundabout and then turning immediately left (into his path) into a driveway. The incident was witnessed by a police car behind Andrew. The police took no action against the driver and Andrew was awarded insurance compensation for his bike.

Geoff Hill – knocked off by a car turning right

On 1st December 2011, Geoff, a British Cycling member, was knocked off by a driver turning right off a main road into a housing estate. The driver said he didn’t see Geoff and hit him with the rear of his car, causing him to come off his bike and sustain significant injuries. The police apprehended the driver, who made to attend a driver awareness course.

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