British Cycling launches Crowdfunding campaign in support of Ukraine

British Cycling launches Crowdfunding campaign in support of Ukraine

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British Cycling can announce today the launch of a Crowdfunding campaign to support the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Cycling Federation and the nation’s leading cyclists, in response to the ongoing invasion and humanitarian crisis.

The campaign has been launched with an ambition of raising £50,000 through donations, which will be match-funded by British Cycling, before being split between the Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) Solidarity and Unity Aid for Ukrainian Cycling fund and the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

Since launching last month, the UEC fund has provided logistical, equipment and administrative support for many of the country’s cyclists, enabling them to continue to train and compete, while the DEC appeal has so far raised more than £260 million to support those directly affected by the conflict.

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British Cycling CEO, Brian Facer, said:

“Like everybody we have been deeply appalled and dismayed by the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and are determined to play our part in supporting the country and its people in what are unfathomably difficult circumstances.

“We know that our members have been supportive of our stance on the issue, and I’m pleased that we’re now able to give them the opportunity to directly support two fantastic causes, benefitting the humanitarian effort, the nation’s cyclists and its national federation – and I know that the cycling community will be eager to get behind the cause.”

British Cycling Chair, Frank Slevin, said:

“From the beginning of the further invasion we have been steadfast in our support for the Ukrainian people, campaigning strongly for the movement of international cycling events out of Russia and Belarus, and the banning of Russian and Belarusian athletes from UCI and UEC events. We have also expressed our disappointment that this action did not extend to the removal of Russian and Belarusian representatives from their positions on management and organising committees.

“We know that sport has a powerful role to play when it comes to making a stand on such vital global issues, and I’m incredibly proud of the manner in which British Cycling has stood shoulder to shoulder with national and international federations across the sporting world in solidarity with Ukraine at this time.”

Supporters can donate to the Crowdfunding campaign here, and clubs and groups are encouraged to share details of their fundraising activities by either emailing or via social media.

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