Parents in Sport Week: 1-7 October 2018

Parents in Sport Week: 1-7 October 2018

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The NSPCC and British Cycling have joined forces with numerous other sports organisations in the UK and Ireland to promote Parents in Sport Week.

We want everyone to rally behind our efforts to underline the positive, supporting role that parents play.

British Cycling invites athletes, parents, coaches, as well as recreation, sport, and community organizations to participate in our third annual social media campaign to celebrate Parents in Sport Week. 

For sport clubs and coaches the week is an opportunity to assess and improve their efforts to inform and involve parents. Creating an environment where kids, parents, coaches, clubs can all thrive is the goal.

Through Parents in Sport Week, British Cycling want to emphasise how parents can positively influence their children in cycling, whilst appreciating the effect this can have on themselves and the rest of the family!

Feedback from a recent British Cycling survey, parents recognised a development in their child’s confidence, making friends, being part of a cycling community and increased family activity travelling around the UK as some of the best parts of having a child involved in cycling!

“Parents, through their support, encouragement and understanding, play a pivotal role in supporting their child’s participation, success and fun when playing sport. It’s essential that sports clubs communicate regularly with parents so that both coach and parent work towards the same goals,” said Paul Stephenson, NSPCC CPSU.

Not only are we fully behind this initiative to raise awareness of the positive role a parent has in helping a child reach their full potential, we want to raise the awareness of the importance of a positive relationship between coaches and parents, as this has been noted as one of the most important areas in a child’s cycling environment.

How can you get involved?

Everyone in cycling has a part to play and you can spread the word at your club, event or session by using and sharing some of the resources that have been produced by British Cycling and the NSPCC.

Click here to download a poster that British Cycling has produced that you can display at your sessions and events during Parents in Sport week, but also at any other time too. 

Provide your coaches with the this leaflet on advice for building relationships with parents in sport.

For further information on what your club can do, use the following link.

The NSPCC has produced resources for clubs to use with parents and their own coaches, including codes of conduct and videos for parents and coaches. These are available here.

If you would like to discuss how you can get involved in the campaign or share with us your plans and comments, please contact the Compliance Team on 0161 274 2082 or at  


Parents in Sport Week aims to:

  • Ensure parents recognise their role in keeping children safe in sport.
  • Help parents understand how to positively influence their child’s enjoyment and wellbeing in sport.
  • Encourage clubs to engage and involve parents in their child’s sport.