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Chris Boardman talks to British Cycling about his new role as the Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester

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British Cycling has welcomed the appointment of its policy adviser, Chris Boardman, as Greater Manchester's first ever cycling and walking commissioner.

Boardman will continue in his role with British Cycling whilst also working to make cycling and walking a “viable, attractive and important” part of Greater Manchester’s transport network, after being given the role of Cycling and Walking Commissioner by mayor Andy Burnham.

British Cycling’s CEO, Julie Harrington, said:

“Chris Boardman’s passion in campaigning for better places to live and work for all road users over the last five years as British Cycling’s policy adviser make him ideally placed to take on this role. He will be a fantastic asset to the mayor’s team. 

“Chris’ vision for how Britain could look if active travel were prioritised is inspiring and it is very exciting to think of the ideas that he has for Manchester, British Cycling’s home city. It’s heartening to see that Andy Burnham has such ambitious plans for active travel, creating a commissioner role with the same status as that enjoyed by the capital. We look forward to continuing to work with Chris in his role as our policy adviser.”