Two main parties are short-sighted on cycling says Boardman

Two main parties are short-sighted on cycling says Boardman

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Reacting to the publication of the Liberal Democrat and Green Party manifestos today, British Cycling's policy adviser, Chris Boardman, said:

“The Liberal Democrats and the Green Party are the only parties to commit to giving cycling the investment it deserves as a legitimate transport option.

"The commitments made in their manifestos today are bold and reflect the ambitions of our #ChooseCycling network of big businesses – including Santander, the AA and National Grid.

“It is frustrating that cycling is still seen as marginal issue by the biggest two parties in the country – despite around eight million people in Britain using bikes to get around.

"Cycling is a logical solution for Britain – it can reinvigorate towns and cities, improve the nation’s health as well as cut congestion and pollution. We only have to look at countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany to see what an impact it can have.

"The short-sightedness of politicians in recognising this is staggering and British Cycling will continue to push for change at the highest level.”