What's British Cycling Doing For Young Riders?

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With clubs, coaching, events, newsletters, websites and events, British Cycling provides young cyclists with a fantastic, fun range of cycling opportunities.

Go-Ride - Just For You

Go-Ride is the name we give our cycling clubs and cycle coaching aimed at young people. Go-Ride clubs are a great place to meet other young cyclists and take part in fun training sessions and even racing - all in a safe, friendly environment where you can pick up skills and experience at your own pace. Find a Go-Ride club by chosing "Accredited Go-Ride Club" from the club type drop-down in our clubfinder.

Go-Ride: great fun on bikes!

Go-Ride coaching sessions are available at many clubs - but they are also run by British Cycling's own coaches around the country during summer holidays. Divided up depending on age an experience, these sessions are fun and can be as challenging as you want to make them. Search for activities near you.

Go-Ride: What Parents Need to Know:

As a parent, you will no doubt want to make sure that your child is safe whenever they undertake any type of activity without your supervision. British Cycling's Go-Ride Clubmark Accreditation supports the development and recognition of quality junior clubs. As part of the programme, clubs must ensure they have a Club Welfare Officer, who has attended a Child Protection Course. Go-Ride sessions are delivered by British Cycling qualified coaches, who have also attended courses on Child Protection, Equity, and hold a current First Aid certificate.

Go-Ride: It's Safe and it's Good For You

Go-Ride coaching, club activities and racing always takes place in places where there is no traffic. Generally, any type of bike can be used, so long as it is in good condition. A cycling helmet must be worn. In some cases, bikes will be available to borrow - check with the coach or club.

Go-Ride aims to develop a love for cycling and a desire to cycle regularly - in return cycling helps you to maintain good health. Cycling is one of very few activities which is fun and yet helps tackle obesity - it's far easier and more fun to cycle for long periods than it is to run or swim. There is no better way of getting and keeping fit whilst controlling your weight.

Go-Ride Racing

This is a fun, exciting way to begin racing. Aimed at young riders who want to begin racing, Go-Ride Racing allows you to build skills and confidence in novice level events, without the need for a licence - just simply turn up, pay a small entry fee and have a go against cyclists who are also new to racing. More About Go-Ride racing - find an event via the Go-Ride Racing Calendar

Video: Go-Ride racing in action - at the 2011 British MTB Series


Leisure Rides With British Cycling:

As well as clubs, coaching and racing for beginners, British Cycling also provides lots of opportunities for young cyclists to take part in cycle rides which are just good, plain fun, without a hint of racing!

Sky Rides take place in major cities around the country every summer and offer you the chance to ride with your friends and family round roads closed to other traffic and enjoy a range of fun activities and free entertainment, plus meet cycling and showbiz celebrities. Find your nearest Sky Ride

Sky Ride - the city belongs to you, if you're on two wheels

As well as the city rides, there are also Sky Ride local events, where small numbers of cyclists are guided round interesting and safe local routes. Many are aimed at young families and are entirely off road. For the slightly older, fitter and more ambitious there are also led rides on quiet local roads where you can build skill and confidence under the watchful eye of a trained ride leader. Find your nearest Sky Ride local.

Enter The Hub With British Cycling

Youth and Under 12 members of British Cycling now have their own membership and an online community called The Hub.

As well as access to an online e-zine called The Hub, packed full of interviews with GB stars, quizzes and competitions, members also receive a fantastic starter pack complete with a host of cycling goodies. Members also get: two huge double sided A2 posters, rider post cards, stickers and a Birthday e-card.

The Hub - a cycling club just for you!

So whether you race, ride or just want to become a part of the team that supports Great Britain's line-up of elite stars, enter THE HUB and get closer to the action!

If that wasn't enough, if you join a Go-Ride Club you will receive British Cycling silver membership for FREE - so there really is no excuse for missing out on a fantastic pack of cycling goodies! Check out the Hub on Facebook.....

To join, visit britishcycling.org.uk/membership or call the membership team on 0161 274 2010.

Five Top Tips For Young Riders

1/ Join a Go-Ride Club: make friends, improve your confidence and learn lots of new cycling skills from qualified coaches

2/ Pick up a British Cycling membership (free if you join a Go-Ride Club) and join the Hub

3/ Try a cycle race through Go-Ride Racing - also many events provide races for young riders (In Cyclo-Cross for example, Under-12 racing is a great way to start your career!)

4/ Watch some top level racing - check out the race calendar and find some events near you. Go along as a spectator, it's a great way to learn and you'll almost certainly be bitten by the bug

5/ Have some fun - take your family on a Sky Ride Local, join a club with a friend, take a trip to a velodrome and watch some racing, join the Hub and support the GB Cycling Team.....and, don't forget, just get out on your bike!