Want to save your club time and money? Opt in to direct mailing of membership cards.

Want to save your club time and money? Opt in to direct mailing of membership cards.

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British Cycling can send membership cards directly to your club members and lighten the workload of your volunteers.

Traditionally, club members received their British Cycling membership cards via their club secretary, ensuring the club could keep on top of its list of members. Nowadays, the club can see its list of British Cycling members at the click of a button thanks to British Cycling’s Club Management Tool.

As a result, most clubs now opt for membership cards to be sent direct to riders by British Cycling.

If you would prefer your club members to receive their cards direct from British Cycling, simply send an email from your club secretary to clubtool@britishcycling.org.uk requesting that we make the change. We will send an email of confirmation and you will immediately be up and running with your streamlined process.


Is there any charge to the club?

There is no cost to the club at all. British Cycling will send out the Membership Cards in the same way that we send out cards to non-club members.

If membership cards are no longer sent to the club secretary, how will we monitor our club list?

To see the latest list of club members, including their British Cycling membership/licence status, simply log into the Club Management Tool. You can make adjustments to your club list and communicate with the British Cycling membership team.

We withhold British Cycling membership cards from club members until they pay their club subscriptions. How can we manage this process if the cards are sent direct?

The Club Management Tool allows you to collect club subscriptions online and manage your club members. By using the online tool you are able to keep an accurate record of who has paid their club membership and you can email directly from the club tool to chase up those who have not yet paid. Best of all, British Cycling will collect subscriptions on behalf of the club, at no charge to the club.