Manage your club members

Manage your club members

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The Club Membership section of the Club Management Tool is a powerful application allowing you to manage your club members. You can store custom data to meet your club's needs, run sophisticated reports on your membership and communicate via email with club members directly from the membership list.

Getting Started

To get started with managing your members, firstly make sure that the club membership list is up to date. The first time you view the membership manager, you will see a list of people who have declared their membership of your club to British Cycling. Should you see people in this list who are no longer club members, these people can simply be removed using the ’remove‘ button. If you have a large number of members to remove you can use the checkbox on the left of the membership list. Select the members you want to remove and then use the ’Selected member actions‘ dropdown menu and select ‘remove selected members‘ to remove them en-masse.

Once you have cleared out the members who are no longer in the club, you will be left with a list of people who are current or former British Cycling members who are members of your club. This may not be the complete list of members in your club. You can add further members of your club into the list using the ‘add new member function‘. There is no stipulation that the people you add have to be British Cycling members.

If you have a large number of club members to add in, rather than entering them one-by-one there is a spreadsheet which you can download and complete which can be emailed to We will then add the members in for you. Please note that if you wish to enter the members manually, you may wish to set up your custom data fields first.

Manage your club's members

Email communication

You are able to communicate with your club members directly from the list. Before you select the members you want to email, you may wish to customise the way the list is displayed and sorted. To select which columns appear you can use the ‘custom view‘ button. You are able to sort the list by using the arrows which appear in most of the column headers. When you have the display set up, use the checkbox on the left of the membership list to select the members you wish to email.

Please note, the ‘select all’ checkbox at the top of the checkbox column will only select the members on the page you are on so you may wish to change the number of members in view. It is also worth noting that the higher this number is, the longer the list will take to load. Once you have selected the members you wish to email, use the ‘email selected members‘ button to launch the email popup window. This allows you to add a subject, attach files and enter the main text of the email. Please note members must have a valid email address stored on their record for this function to work.

Custom data

The Membership Manager allows you to set up custom data fields to store additional information about your members. You have a variety of different fields to choose from;

Text: You can free type into this field.

Decimal/Integer: For numeric data.

Date/Time: Stores date and time information (e.g. date first joined club).

Yes/No: A question that can only be answered yes or no.

Checkbox: Good for agreeing to policies or where members have opted in to something.

Select List: Select one answer from a pre-defined list.

Select Multiple: Similar to select list but you can select multiple answers.

You may wish to go through your membership list and complete the answer to custom fields or you may just wish to set them up and then enable members to fill them in if you set up online subscription collection.


Manage your club's members

Once your club member data is complete you are able to run reports on your club membership. To do this, go to the ’reports‘ section on the main Club Management Tool dashboard. The first option you will see is ‘snapshot report‘. This is a global report which cannot be edited, showing a breakdown of your club membership by certain criteria, complete with charts which give you a straightforward visual reference. This report also allows you to email members in a similar way to the membership list - simply click on the number in the total column and you will be given a list of members who meet that criteria with the same checkbox method of emailing them as per the membership list.

In addition to the ’snapshot report‘ you are also able to write your own custom reports. The custom reports tool can create very sophisticated reports but is fairly simple to use.

First, give your report a name. If you have more than one club that you have Club Management Tool access for then you can make the report available for all clubs (please note reports featuring custom data fields may not function correctly). You can also decide if you want the report to be private or public. Public reports restrict which data fields you can use but you can display them live on the web via a generated link.

Next you can choose which data fields you wish to display on the report. Then you can apply filters to narrow down the data which is shown, e.g. you may wish to only show female members or members under-18. You can also group the report by different fields to split it into sections and finally, you can choose the order in which the data is sorted. Once the report is written you are able to download it in a variety of file formats; Excel, csv, pdf, html and in the case of public reports you can use a generated hyperlink to a live version of the report on the web.

Further assistance

For further assistance please see the Club Management Tool FAQs, if you cannot find the answer to your query then please email