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Download the rules and regulations for all the main disciplines of cycling.

You can now download the 2022 Handbook:

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Amends for 2022

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British Cycling Directory

English Regions and Home Country Contacts


Club and Event Fees

2022 British Cycling Technical Regulations


BMX Freestyle

BMX Racing

Cycle Speedway



Mountain Bike




Process for amending the Technical Regulations

The following process has been created for updating the Technical Regulations going forward:

  1. Suggestions may be sent in at any time by completing the Member Survey or by email to
  2. The Member Survey will be publicised annually in January/February. Communications will go out to: clubs, team managers, event organisers, commissaires and to members of the Federation Commission.
  3. Competition Officers to review suggestions and UCI regulations to check for amendments that may apply to the Technical Regulations.
  4. Discipline Commission meetings shall take place from March onwards – they will be asked to review proposed changes to Technical Regulations (including Scottish and Welsh commissions); this will be a standing item on their agendas.
  5. Technical Commission to review proposed amendments in July.
  6. Updates to the Technical Regulations to be drafted, ready for next Discipline Commission meetings in September.
  7. Technical Commission (or Board, if necessary) to meet and approve any changes – usually October.
  8. Handbook goes to print in December.

Please note that the 2021 Regulations will continue to be adhered to until 28 February 2022.

Additional information

British National Championships and Records

Synopsis of Age Categories for 2022

Other regulations and policies

Scottish National Championships and Records

UK Anti-Doping Regulations

Disciplinary Regulations

Equality Policy

Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Children and Young People

Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Regulations

Data Privacy Notice

UK Border Agency

British Cycling's points based system

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