Roadmaps - 2020 Technical Regulations

Roadmaps - 2020 Technical Regulations

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Below are a series of roadmaps which outline the changes made to the existing 2019 British Cycling Technical Regulations.

As of March 1 2020, the amended Technical Regulations will come into effect. These amended Regulations have been produced after an extensive consultation process, with changes to our previous Regulations arising from a desire to make them as clear, concise, understandable and consistent as possible.

We have produced these roadmaps to allow stakeholders to easily track whether a particular Regulation has been amended and/or moved, and where it now sits in the Technical Regulations (if applicable).

BMX Racing

Cycle Speedway


General, Road & Track

Mountain Bike

Please note that the 2019 Regulations, available here, will continue to be adhered to until February 29 2020.