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British Cycling acknowledges the need for a 'Whistle Blowing Policy' in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA).

It is important to have procedures for enabling staff and volunteers to share, in confidence with a designated person (normally a Club Welfare Officer or British Cycling's Child Protection Lead Officer), concerns they may have about a colleague's behaviour.

This may be behaviour linked to child abuse or behaviour that pushes boundaries beyond acceptable limits. If this is consistently ignored a culture may develop within an organisation whereby staff and young people are 'silenced'.

British Cycling is fully supportive of 'whistle blowing' for the sake of the child, and will provide support and protect those who 'whistle blow'. While it is difficult to express concerns about colleagues, it is important that these concerns are communicated to the designated officer. All staff and volunteers are encouraged to talk to the designated officer if they become aware of anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Raising a concern