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A young person's guide to child protection

A young person's guide to child protection

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You have rights. Cycling should be fun. You should be safe and enjoy your sport. You can't do that if you feel unhappy - if someone is bullying or abusing you.

For help contact Childline, telephone: 0800 1111.

When do you know if something is wrong?

Something is wrong if someone:

  • Constantly teases you, shouts at you or calls you names.
  • Makes suggestive remarks or tries to pressurise you into sexual activity.
  • Threatens, hits, kicks or punches you.
  • Damages or steal your belongings.
  • Touches you or does anything in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Does anything that makes you feel lonely, worried, unsafe, hurt or embarrassed

If you are bullied or abused it is not your fault. If this is happening to you try to:

    • Be firm and tell the person to stop - make a lot of noise to attract attention.
    • Keep a note of the date, time and place, what happened, how you felt and the name of anyone who may have seen what happened. 
    • Get away from the situation quickly, go to a public place to find help or call the police (999).
    • Call your Club Welfare Officer.
  • Tell your parents/carers, Club Welfare Officer or an adult you can trust what has happened as soon as possible.

Keeping safe

To keep safe always:

  • Tell someone you trust, so they can help you.
  • Travel with a friend, avoid travelling in someone else's car by yourself 
  • Trust your instincts about people you meet 
  • Avoid going to other peoples' homes by yourself 
  • Avoid being alone or with just one other person 
  • Carry a mobile phone, phone card or change.