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Avoiding stomach problems on the bike

Whether you’re on a long training ride, taking part in your main target event for the year or enjoying some winter sun on a training camp, digestive or GI (gastrointestinal) distress can rapidly turn pleasure into misery, end your event or consign you to your hotel room. Your digestive system is how you convert food into useable fuel for your cycling engine so, if it isn’t functioning optimally, your performance will suffer. Follow this advice from Healthspan Elite, the Official Sports Nutrition Partner and Official Vitamin and Supplement Partner to the Great Britain Cycling Team and British Cycling, to prevent your gut letting you down.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Published on: 16/03/2021

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Staying healthy when cycling indoors

If you’re doing the majority of your cycling on the indoor trainer at the moment, follow these tips to ensure you stay healthy.

Published on: 11/12/2020

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Beat the bugs this winter

A frustrating part of cycling through the winter is the seemingly inevitable colds, stomach bugs or bouts of flu. This year especially, with the current COVID crisis, staying healthy is even more paramount than ever. Follow our top tips to minimise your chance of picking up a bug and, if you do succumb, how to enhance your recovery.

Published on: 14/11/2020

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Time to take a break?

It may not be the end of your season, but with the winter looming taking some time off can be restorative for mind and body, help to prevent burn-out and result in a more consistent and productive winter.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Published on: 08/10/2020

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Pelotan Q&A

We speak to the founder of Pelotan - British Cycling’s Official Sun Protection Supplier, about why their product is designed specifically for cyclists.

Published on: 15/07/2020

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Staying motivated to cycle through the winter

Top tips for maintaining your motivation to ride this winter.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Published on: 02/02/2020

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Safe weight loss for cyclists

Tips for safe weight loss from the Great Britain Cycling Team nutritionists.

Published on: 09/01/2020

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Avoiding saddle soreness

Beat the backside blues with our top tips.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Published on: 11/06/2019

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