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Dress for summer cycling with Kalas

Dress for summer cycling with Kalas

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Summertime is when many of us ride more frequently and for longer, whether it’s taking advantage of the warmer, drier weather and lighter evenings to explore further from home, or holidays when we can ride all day. These factors, combined with the notoriously unpredictable and changeable British summer, might mean you could benefit from some tweaks to your kit options. Follow these tips on what to wear from Kalas, Great Britain Cycling Team Official On-Bike Clothing Supplier, to get the most from your rides this summer.

Base Layer

Perhaps seeming counter-intuitive, a base layer can keep you cool in summer as well as warm in winter. When the temperature climbs, a lightweight and breathable undervest will help to draw moisture from sweat away from you skin and keep you dry. Our sleeveless micromesh is extremely lightweight and effective.

BASE Z1 Sleeveless MicroMesh Base Layer


When the temperature rises above 25C it can feel unpleasant riding in a regular cycling jersey. Therefore, we have come up with an ultralight summer jersey which features panels made from a breathable material that will give you excellent moisture management for the heat of summer. An aerodynamic construction of the jersey ensures that you will not only stay cool but also fast.

(Please consider use of sun cream underneath this super-lightweight jersey.)

PASSION Z1 Verano Jersey


If you are upping your usual mileage this summer, through increased frequency and duration of rides, you may wish to consider upgrading your shorts to deliver optimum comfort. Our Passion Z1 bib shorts are the result of extensive research and testing with professional teams. They feature a highly technical construction around the bib using bonded rather than stitched seams. The Endurance 3D pad from Italian chamois experts Elastic Interface allied with the specialist compressive Goffrato fabric ensures greater comfort for longer in the saddle.

PASSION Z1 Bib Shorts

In general, summer riding requires fewer, lighter clothes. But when the weather changes with a sudden shower, or your reward for a challenging climb is a long chilly descent, the option to add a layer on top can often be very welcome. Because you will likely only require these items for a small part of your ride, they need to be lightweight and easily packable into your jersey pockets. Here are some options to consider so you don’t get caught out.


A gilet is a sleeveless top layer that is a popular option if you are starting your ride in the fresh early morning or ending it at dusk, when the temperatures are typically a few degrees cooler than the middle of the day. Our Pure Z gilet is lightweight and folds up small, making it very easy to transport in your jersey pocket. The front panel is made from wind and waterproof fabric to protect your core from light rain and road spray, while the back part features mesh panelling to improve breathability.

PURE Z Gilet

Arm Warmers

Pairing our Pure Z arm warmers with the gilet will give you the ultimate flexibility. Made from a lightweight LYCRA fabric they are thin enough to fold up really small in your jersey pocket while offering additional warmth during cool summer mornings and evenings.

PURE Z Arm warmers

Lightweight Shower Jacket

An alternative to the gilet and arm warmers combination is our Ride On Z shower jacket. This extremely lightweight windbreaker will perfectly protect you against sudden summer showers and is a great option to quickly put on at the top of a mountain ready for the chilly descent. Mesh inserts under the sleeves offer enhanced ventilation to stop you overheating. Again, this item folds up really small so it’s easily transported in your jersey pocket.

RIDE ON Z Jacket

Summer Cap/Casquette

Equipped with a small peak, the summer cap is great for keeping the sun, or rain, out of your eyes. It folds up really small so it can be easily stowed in one of your jersey pockets.


Gloves/Track Mitts

Gloves are not only there to keep your hands warm, but also to offer protection. Our Ride On Z short gloves are fingerless and feature foam padding on the palm area. This makes it more comfortable when holding the handle bars and also offers protection in the unfortunate event of crashing.

RIDE ON Z Short Gloves


No one likes sweaty feet and their associated odours! The soft microfibre textile of our thin summer Verano socks makes them perfect in hot weather. The ultra-light fabric and great moisture wicking properties also makes them ideal for indoor cycling.

RIDE ON Z1 Socks High Verano

Enjoy your ride

Whatever you wear and wherever you ride, we hope you get the most out of your cycling this summer.

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