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Benefits of using a British Cycling Level 3 Coach

Benefits of using a British Cycling Level 3 Coach

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The British Cycling Level 3 coaching qualification is the highest recognised coaching certification in cycling, allowing coaches, who have the practical skills, experience and knowledge of cycling, to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes for individual riders within a specific discipline.

Our expert Andrew Gillott recognises the importance of the coach athlete relationship with the view:

“The relationship between an athlete and a Coach is the single most valuable and effective resource. It is likely that technical information imparted by coaches, or training plans, is widely available on the internet, within reference books, coaches’ and athlete’s notebooks and common conversation between experienced coaches. The value of coaching lies in pulling together information from these different sources to meet the individual needs of each athlete through a coach athlete relationship.”

Level 3 coaches

As Andrew highlights, your individual needs as an athlete are what matter most to a Level 3 Coach. They want you to achieve your personal goals, utilising their training theory, to the best of your ability.

To help you reach your personal goals, your coach will tailor a programme to meet your needs, not just after their initial consultation but at least every two weeks.

British Cycling Training Plans

The British Cycling Training Plans gives members an ideal introduction to structured training. It’s presented in a similar format and with the same theoretical background to the way you would receive personalised British Cycling Level 3 coaching. By following the plan you will see how planned structured training will benefit your cycling.

Like working with a coach, the British Cycling Training Plan gives you a specific task to work on in each session, regular threshold testing protocols, and links to technique videos. However the onus on training development and commitment in your hands, with support coming in a very detailed but non-personalised way.

Many riders who have successfully followed the British Cycling Training Plan may want to step up the next level, get faster, tackle tougher sportives or maybe get into racing. One of the most effective ways to achieve these objectives is to engage a coach. By assessing your weaknesses, identifying your goals and producing a bespoke and adaptable training plan, a British Cycling Level 3 Coach will ensure you continue to progress as a cyclist and become the best you can be. 

Top five benefits of a coach

If you are considering a Level 3 Coach you should keep in mind the top five benefits of being coached:

Your training plan will be designed for you

If you follow an off-the-shelf training plan then it is likely that you will get fitter, benefit from the structure of harder, easier sessions and recovery and learn a lot about how your body responds to training stimuli. It is very unlikely that you will discover your potential and certain that you will not reach that potential. It takes experience and expertise to develop a training plan that meets your long-term aims and objectives.

Time to train is precious

It takes time to put together a detailed, daily, weekly, monthly and annual training plan and athletes recognise that a coach is a wise investment in time management. Your free time can be spent training, resting and doing all the other things that demand your attention every day.

A critical friend

It is difficult to make objective decisions about training and racing, not least because such decisions are often emotional as well as physical. A coach will help you focus on your priorities and give you feedback on your choices even when it may not be what you want to hear.

A holistic approach

A coach will include technical, tactical, and psychological training in to your programme, not simply workouts designed to improve your physiology. Athletes often enjoy working on their strengths; a coach will ask you to work on your weaknesses.

A Coach is a motivator

It’s just a little easier to get out of bed on a wet, dark morning if you know that your coach has spent time putting together that morning’s training session for you. More importantly, it can be more fun! Cycling can be a solitary sport and nothing beats having a partner to discuss ideas, talk over strategy, commiserate and celebrate with.

Coach Directory

The British Cycling Coach Directory is the place to find a British Cycling Level 3 Coach. Here you will find all the coaches in your area, their contact details, and what they can offer you as their Coach.

Whereas the British Cycling Training Plans will deliver you to the start line of your event perfectly prepared and fit to tackle the most demanding of Sportives, British Cycling Level 3 coaches will take your cycling to the next level and potentially help you make the move into racing. Taking on a Coach is potentially the best investment you will ever make and will certainly benefit your cycling more than a flash new set of wheels. The relationship between a coach and an athlete is a two way process so it's essential you ask the right questions before you commit to a coach.

Interested in becoming a coach?

We strongly believe that effective coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level of the sport and we have a range of coaching qualifications available. Find out more information about getting into coaching and working your way through our coaching qualifications.


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