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Improvers Modular Plan New

Improvers Modular Plan

The Improvers Modular Plan is a continuation of the 12-Week Improvers Plan which will allow you to carry on developing your cycling fitness and to create your own training schedule around your chosen target events.

Published on: 07/11/2017

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Six week panic plan New

Six week panic plan

Have you let your training slip over the winter or aren't a regular cyclist? If you are reasonably fit and active you can still be ready for a spring sportive with our six week panic plan.

Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Published on: 04/11/2017

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12-week Improver Training Plan

The 12-week Improver plan is suitable for a variety of cyclists with the common end goal of completing a 100 kilometre (60-mile) sportive or ride.

Published on: 05/09/2016

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8-week Sofa to 50km Training Plan

Our 8-week sofa to 50 km training plan is ideal for the complete cycling novice who is currently sedentary and is looking to start cycling

Knowledge Level: Beginner

Published on: 22/12/2015

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Weeks 1-8 of Sofa to 50km training plan

Weekly introductions to the eight-week track training plan.

Published on: 22/12/2015

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