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Indoor cycling bike care and maintenance

Just because your bike is mounted on an indoor trainer and not being subjected to the British weather and roads, it doesn’t mean you can skip basic maintenance.

Published on: 14/04/2020

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Winter-proof your bike

The winter can be very tough on your bike. Follow these tips to keep your bike running smoothly.

Knowledge Level: Beginner

Published on: 06/11/2019

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How to replace and adjust brake pads

How to replace your brake pads with Great Britain Cycling Team mechanic Marc Yates.

Published on: 13/01/2016

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    Cervélo Carbon Mythbuster

    Although now a ubiquitous bike frame material, carbon still has its sceptics and myths about its fragility still abound. Who better to sort myth from fact than Richard Matthews, composite engineer at Cervélo, elite road and track bike partner to the Great Britain Cycling Team.

    Published on: 09/04/2014

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