Advanced strength exercises for cyclists

Advanced strength exercises for cyclists

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You should only include these exercises in your routine if you’re already experienced at training with weights or have been regularly performing the beginner exercises and are confident that you are ready to move on. Consider getting additional technical instruction from a qualified fitness professional to ensure your form is correct.

Set and reps

With these more advanced exercises, the weights are likely to be heavier. Start off with three sets of eight reps and, as you get stronger, drop to five reps and increase the sets to three to six. Rest well between sets, up to two minutes.

Barbell back squat

Working the same muscle groups as the goblet squat but, as it allows more weight to be lifted, loads the spine and requires greater mobility of the knees, ankles, hips and shoulders, is a far more demanding exercise.

-    Hands slightly wider than shoulders on the bar

-    Stand in the middle of the bar

-    Feet shoulder width apart

-    Toes pointing slightly outward

-    Front of the hips to be lower than the top of the knee

Above: Barbell back squat start position

Above: Barbell back squat end position

Trap bar deadlift

This exercise is less stressful on the lower back than a regular straight bar deadlift but, because of the weight lifted, still an advanced exercise. It will hit the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps but is also challenging for upper back and grip strength.

-    Straight back

-    Feet shoulder width apart

-    Brace against the weight

-    Hips higher than the knee

Above: Trap bar deadlift start position

Above: Trap bar deadlift end position

Split Squat

A very cycling specific exercise which primarily targets the quadriceps. It also requires good balance which makes it an advanced movement.

-    Keep your knee behind your toe

-    Back knee in line with hip

-    Shoulders back

-    Feet and knees hip width apart

Above: Split squat start position

Above: Split squat end position


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