Weeks 21-24 - Advanced training plans

Weeks 21-24 - Advanced training plans

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Download the final weeks 21-24 of the advanced training plans.

Week 21

With another 10-mile time trial, hill sprints and an 80-mile ride, this week is going to push you really hard so it’s imperative to fuel and hydrate well during the sessions and to optimise your recovery. Don’t be tempted to try and squeeze an extra workout in on either of the two rest days before the 80 mile ride. How did it feel and how did you fare compared to Week 17? Have you improved on the areas that you identified as your weaknesses?

Week 22

It is your third week of time trialling. Is your pacing improving and are you able to sustain your effort for the entire ride? Workout intensity is high this week so overall volume is lower and there is no bonus bike session for you to do. Really focus on hitting the specified targets in the hard sessions and, on the Sunday social ride, make sure that you ride easy. Spend as much time in the wheels as possible and see how little effort you can put in to stay with the group.

Week 23

Your final big push of the programme before some well deserved recovery in the final week. Try to make this week your best yet, aim to hit all of the targets in all of the workouts and, if you’re doing the hill reps option on Wednesday, to beat your distance PB’s for all of the reps. On the longer weekend rides, your fuelling and hydration strategies should be 100% tried and tested by now and you should be confident that your riding skills and techniques are event ready.

Week 24

Congratulations on getting to the end of the plan, you should now be in the cycling shape of your life. Two rest days should mean you’re in top condition for an assault on your 10-mile time trial personal best. This is your only hard session of this recovery week so give it your all. If this training plan doesn’t lead you into your event, you should already have planned in the events you’re targeting for the 2015 season and will be able to use the modular training plan to construct a bespoke programme to suit you in the lead up to the event.