Weeks 17-20 - Advanced training plan

Weeks 17-20 - Advanced training plan

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Advanced training plan: Download weeks 17-20.

Week 17

Although you’ve got a tough strength session with sprints to get through mid-week, the real focus will be the 80-mile ride scheduled for the weekend. Optimise your recovery from your mid-week workouts and use your rest day on Friday to plan your route and to check that your bike, kit and fuel are all ready to go. Ensure that your route is varied and tests all aspects of your cycling fitness and technique. Once home, analyse your ride and identify any weaknesses that you need to work on.

Week 18

Last week was your toughest yet, so make the most of your Monday rest day and maybe consider booking in for a massage. From this week, you get the choice of an additional bike session but, if you’re already finding the schedule a struggle, leave it a week or so before adding it. Remember quality is far more important than quantity and if you’re unable to complete the workouts at the specified intensities, you won’t be gaining maximum benefit from them.

Week 19

Two rest days open the week, one to recover from last week and one to prepare your legs for Wednesday’s threshold test. It’s been six weeks since your last one and, with the training you’ve been doing, you should see a significant change. Remember to adjust your training zones based on the result. Your main weekend ride includes a number of efforts at a variety of intensities. Consider printing out session notes and taping them to your bars to remind you what you’re supposed to be doing and don’t forget to eat and drink properly as well.

Week 20

Congratulations on three really solid weeks of training and your reward is the luxury of four rest days. Enjoy them but spend some time checking your bike over and planning ahead for the season to come. It’s not all easy this week though with a 10-mile time trial scheduled midweek. Clubs hold open, enter on the day events throughout the spring and summer and as well as providing an excellent measure of your progress, you’ll always get a better workout when you pin a number on your back.