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Weeks 17-20 - Intermediate training plan

Weeks 17-20 - Intermediate training plan

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Knowledge Level: Intermediate

Intermediate training plan: Download weeks 17-20.

Week 17

After a recovery week you will probably be eager to get started again but remember, you still put in some miles at the weekend, so don’t skip your Monday day off. There’s a really tough mid-week workout to look forward to that’ll test both your strength and ability to suddenly explode into a sprint. Just one ride at the weekend but it’s a 100km (60 mile). Pick the best day weather wise to do it and if the roads are icy, hit the trails on your mountain bike. Only turn to your indoor trainer for long rides as a last resort.

Week 18

Depending on your chosen cross training activity, this week gives you the option of an additional bike session. Be honest about how you’ve been coping with the training load and only add in this session if you’ve been recovering well and are feeling strong. There’s no point in adding an extra session in just for the sake of it if your core workouts suffer. Remember it’s quality of training not quantity that’ll get you results.

Week 19

A double rest day to ensure you’re fully rested and recovered before hopefully posting a PB busting performance on Wednesday’s threshold test. Saturday’s ride has some tough efforts in it, including two 5-minute blocks at threshold during the third hour, so your legs are going to be tired on Sunday. Ride clever, sit in the wheels, use the ride to work on efficient group riding technique and don’t get sucked into any impromptu sprints.

Week 20

Another hard training block completed and another recovery week to enjoy. On the rides this week, don’t just mindlessly spin your legs and switch off but really focus on essential riding skills. Can you grab and replace your bottle without looking? Can you put on or take off a jacket while riding? Are you 100% confident in a group? These skills can save you significant time in a sportive or race, make you a safer rider and are as important as pure fitness.