Volunteer coordinators

Volunteer coordinators

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Why is it important for my club to have a volunteer coordinator?

Without the masses of volunteers, community sport simply wouldn’t happen. The role of the volunteer coordinator within a Go-Ride Club is really important to ensure all the volunteers are happy and confident in their role and to make sure there are enough people involved to cover everything that needs doing.

What knowledge, skills and training should a volunteer coordinator have?

A volunteer coordinator should be approachable and friendly, have great management and organisational skills, and be able to delegate effectively.

As volunteer coordinator, it is important that you get to know all the volunteers within your club, so that you are able to ensure that existing and potential volunteers have access to relevant information, such as role descriptions and training. You’ll also act as the voice for volunteers at wider club meetings.

What additional support is available to volunteer coordinators?

British Cycling’s volunteer coordinator training workshop is cycling-specific and provides volunteers with useful techniques and support. It is delivered regionally on an on-demand basis, and covers areas including the recruitment, retention, recognition and rewarding of volunteers within your club.

It aims to help volunteers to ensure their time is used as effectively and efficiently as possible, making them feel supported in their roles. If you are interested in attending a workshop to assist you in your role as a volunteer coordinator, or if you would like further information on the role, please contact the Go-Ride team on 0161 274 2070 or go-ride@britishcycling.org.uk.