Volunteer Case Study: Coaching Pathway

Volunteer Case Study: Coaching Pathway


What motivated you to get into coaching?  


I am a regular member of local cycling club: Harry Middleton CC, and we have always had regular weekend rides with a few of the members racing at an amateur level. The club captain was looking to develop a youth element and my two boys both enjoy cycling, so it was a natural progression to look at coaching the children. To both give something back to the community and have more time with the kids really makes it all worthwhile.



What has your pathway into coaching looked like?


Initially I assisted our club coach with sessions as a parent helper. When the numbers grew and the need was there for more coaches, I applied and completed my level one coaching award with British Cycling. I’m now looking at level two with a view to specialising in cyclo-cross and road (my two main types of cycling).


What do you enjoy most about coaching? 


I enjoy seeing the progression that the riders make, whether children or adults. I am most proud of the amount of children we now have competing at our local races and the whole family is there making the most of the fresh air and enjoying their bikes.


What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome these?      


The biggest challenge is always finding time, but the level one and two coaching courses are at weekends so this makes it easier.



What do you think have been the benefits of the partnership between HSBC UK & British Cycling?

It’s great working for HSBC and being an avid cyclist and coach. I do feel that HSBC is helping British Cycling to bring cycling to the masses; they are making it more accessible to the ‘man on the street’.

I think both organisations are looking to make people better off but in differing ways, and it’s fantastic to see the level of investment from HSBC. It’s great that I get to promote something I am passionate about by working for HSBC and coaching.


Where would you like to take your coaching in the future?

The aim is to become a level three coach. I will certainly continue to coach alongside work, with a view to retiring and have coaching to move over to.

It would be great to think we had the next Geraint or Bradley in our club.


What advice would you give to other people thinking about coaching? 


It’s a great thing to do, the more you put in the more you get out. Seeing others grow through your help, support and nurturing is the best feeling.

Don’t be daunted by it because the British Cycling learning is straightforward, just give it go and you will enjoy it.

To learn more about coaching and find a course nearby, visit: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/coaching/article/coast_awards_overview_page