New to volunteering?

New to volunteering?

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With the popularity of cycling at an all-time high and demand within junior cycling clubs continuing to increase, Go-Ride Clubs will always welcome new volunteers to help inspire the next generation of cyclists.

Volunteering at a Go-Ride Club can be both fun and rewarding, and not only would you be helping clubs to offer a quality experience to its young people, the experience and knowledge you gain can be priceless.

Where do I start?

Consider your interests, skills and strengths and what you might be able to offer to a club – don’t worry if you have no previous experience of volunteering or cycling, everyone starts somewhere!

Consider how much time you are able to commit to volunteering, whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours, clubs will always welcome an extra pair of hands. Being realistic about the time you are able to commit will help the club to assign relevant tasks.

To get involved, the first thing to do is to find your nearest Go-Ride Club using the British Cycling club finder.

You can then make contact with the club contact to explain that you would be interested in volunteering at their Go-Ride sessions (please remember that the Go-Ride contact is also a volunteer and may take a little time to respond).

You can then organise to go along to the club and have a chat with the existing volunteers and members to find out more. 

What additional benefits do I get for volunteering?

One of the main reasons people tend to volunteer is the satisfaction and enjoyment of helping other people and making new friends.

There are a number of additional benefits for Go-Ride Club volunteers, including a free British Cycling silver membership, which not only includes the insurance required to coach, but all the other benefits associated with membership, such as discounts at retailers, top tips from British Cycling experts and priority access to major UK events.

Designated volunteers at Go-Ride Clubmark Clubs are also rewarded with free British Cycling branded clothing to keep you warm during the winter months.

What could I get involved with?

Go-Ride Clubs are required to appoint a club contact and a club welfare officer alongside at least one qualified British Cycling coach; however the successful day to day running of a club relies on a variety of other roles including volunteer coordinators, website administrators and event organisers.

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