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Volunteers: In Focus - May 2023

Volunteers: In Focus - May 2023

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25 May 2023

Throughout 2023 we will be shining a light on the brilliant work our volunteers do for all forms of cycling.  We want to acknowledge the huge contribution made by a wide variety of volunteer roles in making cycling happen – quite simply, it wouldn’t happen without them.

Organising events, officiating, leading group bike rides, opening facilities, marshalling, coaching, managers; the list goes on. It really does take a legion of dedicated individuals to make cycling take place and we want to say well done and thank you to all, in particular those nominated for this month’s Volunteers: In Focus!

If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

Name: Michelle Paget

Region: West Midlands

Role: Coach at Peddlamaniacs Cycle Club

Michelle has been running a women's coach to race programme throughout April, imparting key cycling knowledge and skills which she has accumulated through her coaching and riding career. These sessions will lead into the Warwick Town Centre Crits.

Riders from the West Midlands & Central regions have attended, covering vital skills such as cornering, sprinting, riding in a group and race specific efforts. Michelle is looking to deliver more sessions and explore other disciplines going forward. The regional staff can only commend Michelle for running these sessions and are extremely grateful for her commitment to developing women's cycling in the area.

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Peddlamaniacs Cycle Club

British Cycling Values: Passion; Unity

Name: Alister Beveridge

Region: Central and South East

Role: Coach and commissaire

Alister is ever present at the Lee Valley Youth Track clusters and has helped riders achieve accreditation. His enthusiasm has helped riders from the City Academy Hubs to take part in the Track League and join the Youth Track League at Herne Hill. 

'The dedication that Alister continues to put into the Track League sport has helped the League build back up following the Covid-19 pandemic. Riders would not have been able to access the track without his time and support.’

The South East and Central Region teams would like to thank Alister for all the work that he does to help continue supporting young riders.

Beaconsfield Cycling Club

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Name: Adam Danylec, Karen Helena Pearson, Ken Foster, Caitlyn Beardsmore

Region: East Midlands

Role: Pedal Party volunteers, coaching and ride leading

Adam attended a ride leader East Midlands Day in February and wanted to support more with the work that is currently taking place in the region. Adam has been putting on local rides after the monthly Pedal Party event with the aim to invite new people to it, but to also support people progressing from Pedal Party onto a Guided Ride small group bike ride.

Caitlyn has been great offering coaching to the participants whilst on the track. In Nottingham there have been a lot of children turn up who cannot ride a bike and Caitlyn has been able to support these children and get them riding.

Ken and Karen have been involved in taking those who can ride around the circuit utilising their ride leader qualification. Karen has also been on hand to administer first aid when needed.

Each of these volunteers have been vital to Pedal Parties in Nottingham, volunteering at all three events that have ran this year. They all get involved where needed whether this be on sign in, supporting people on bikes or administering first aid. Special mention to Caitlyn who has just completed her level 2 coaching qualification at the age of 16!

Pedal Party volunteering

British Cycling Values: Passion

Name: Chris Parker

Region: Yorkshire

Role: Cyclocross commissaire, club volunteer, all-round great help!

Chris is often overlooked as a 'back-room' volunteer, he is always present wherever his wife Mandy is also volunteering around cycling events and coaching activities. Chris is always friendly, approachable, and reliable. He is a mainstay of the volunteering workforce in the West Yorkshire area.

Andy Akers, Club and Group Developer for Yorkshire, said of Chris:

“Chris is a lovely guy and Mandy Parker's right-hand man.  He is always on hand to help Mandy at events and coaching sessions and works tirelessly as a volunteer to make things work well.

He is well respected and has had a massive impact on cycling in the West Yorkshire area, usually in the background working to support others and assist with the running of events. He will support with anything from sign on to marshalling, commissairing, and occasionally competing!”

East Bradford Cycling Club

Off Road Marshalling

British Cycling Values: Unity, Passion, Integrity