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Getting the most out of Ready Set Ride

Getting the most out of Ready Set Ride

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To help keep Britain’s kids moving and active during the school shutdown, we launched our Ready Set Ride daily activity calendar. 

Launched alongside the Youth Sport Trust as a tool to help parents introduce pedalling to playtime and teach more kids to ride, UK Ready Set Ride is split into three stages (Prepare 2 Ride, Balance and Pedals) which provide families with all they need to support children to start cycling. 

If you require any further support along the way, you can find our full guide for each of the three stages below. 

Don’t forget to share your progress with us using #ReadySetRide!

Introducing Ready Set Ride

Below is a list of videos to get YOU ready to teach a child to ride a bike, making sure they are set up correctly and safe as possible:

  1. Introducing Ready Set Ride
  2. My Journey
  3. How to Buy a Bike
  4. Making a bike fit
  5. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 1. Balance
  6. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 2. Pedals
  7. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 3. Groups
  8. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 4. Me and My Bike
  9. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 5. Your child and their bike
  10. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 6. M Check
  11. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 7. Helmet Check
  12. Introducing Ready Set Ride - 8 Removing Pedals

Prepare 2 Ride – Games

There is nothing stopping any child from grabbing a bike and having a go but making sure they are ready can make the whole thing easier and more enjoyable.
Prepare 2 Ride games help to get children ready to ride and are great fun activities to do anytime, anywhere, whether a child is pedalling or not.

Core skills developed through the Prepare 2 Ride games like these set a child up for an active life but have been created with cycling in mind.

To watch:

  1. Prepare to Ride – Games
  2. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 1. Fingers and Thumbs
  3. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 2. Steady as You Go
  4. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 3. Swipe and Swap
  5. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 4. Jump
  6. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 5. Step it Up
  7. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 6. Twist and Pass
  8. Prepare 2 Ride - Games: 7. Stamp and Slide

Don’t forget to track you progress in your Prepare 2 Ride workbook, click the button below:


Skills 2 Ride – Balance

Balance bikes, or running bikes as they are sometimes called, are an amazing way to get your child ready to pedal. Any bike can be turned into a balance bike by taking the pedals off. We have made a short film to help you with this as you will have watched in the 'Introducinng' section.

They are amazing fun and can help your child explore their community and experience the freedom that a bike gives you at an early age.

These games can be adapted by you and your child and they can be repeated once they are pedalling.

Try taking all these skills out on a ride round your park. What can you practise while you are out and about?

Balance bikes do exactly that: they teach and develop balance, making it easier to then pedal when you are ready.

To watch:

  1. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: Balance Bike
  2. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 1. Wibble Wobble
  3. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 2. Scoot, Stride and Glide
  4. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 3. Speed it up, Slow it down
  5. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 4. Box the Lot
  6. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 5. Criss Cross
  7. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 6. Dot to Dot
  8. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 7. I Spy
  9. Skills 2 Ride - Balance: 8. Scoot and Limbo

Don’t forget to track you progress in your Skills 2 Ride - Balance workbook, click the button below:


Skills 2 Ride – Pedals

Once a child is ready to try pedalling or just wants to give it a go these games will support them to make the transition from scooting to pedalling – no stabilisers in sight!

Once children can pedal without help, these games will improve their skills and help them to become really confident riders who want to spend time on their bike.

To watch:

  1. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: Learning to Pedal, Let's get Pedalling
  2. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 1. Pedal and Glide
  3. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 2. Zig Zags
  4. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 3. Corner Explorer
  5. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 4. Pedal and Limbo
  6. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 5. Foot Down
  7. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 6. Ups and Downs
  8. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 7. Wave and Go
  9. Skills 2 Ride - Pedals: 8. Figure it Out

Don’t forget to track you progress in your Skills 2 Ride - Pedals workbook, click the button below: