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Riders who perform well and show promise at their club, in/at regional competition and attend Development Centres can be nominated by their club for a Regional School of Racing. 

What is a Regional School of Racing?

During an RSR, riders will be coached and educated as part of a select group of riders from their region, Regional Schools of Racing will bring multiple regions together for discipline-specific activity.  This will help prepare for the next stage, but also for regional and national competitions.

How do you get on an RSR?

Riders are typically aged 13-15, nominations are given to talent development coaches by clubs yearly or when clubs feel riders are ready. Attendees are reconsidered for every RSR so don’t worry if you miss out. 

We will now consider junior riders for all Regional School of Racing activities encouraging and supporting riders who are late to the sport or late developers.

Riders who wish to be considered for Regional Schools of Racing should use the criteria document to understand the required level for entry. [This document can be download below.]

Regional School of Racing Criteria

What are we looking for?

  • Good bike handling skills
  • Good performances at regional races
  • Progress against ‘readiness’ expressions and benchmarks
  • Enthusiasm and self-motivation

What will you learn?

  • Skills for each event and how to apply them
  • Level of effort required to be competitive
  • Understanding of the key off-bike skills
  • Responsibility and ownership

How is it done?

  • Group coaching sessions
  • Race scenario training drills
  • A progressive programme of activity
  • Workshops on off-bike skills

When do RSRs take place?

During the year, RSRs will be delivered across all disciplines, most disciplines align with the racing season so that riders can then go back to racing and apply the skills and techniques which have been developed. 

Some riders will be nominated for all, whilst others may only be ready for one. If riders are nominated for more than one discipline we would encourage them to get involved – a varied experience at an early age is very useful!

Who is involved?

Talent Development Coaches, with support from Go-Ride and club coaches.