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National School of Racing-Foundation

National School of Racing-Foundation

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The National School of Racing-Foundation (NSR-Foundation) programme is designed to identify, develop, and confirm a cohort of riders annually onto the Great Britain Cycling Team Academy programmes.  The Talent Programme will support the holistic development of the skills and habits towards pursuing a career as a full-time bike rider.

NSR-Foundation activity enables the Talent Development Team each year to accelerate growth in areas which require more support, this in turn, supports progress into Great Britain Cycling Team programmes.  

What is the focus?

  • BMX SX
  • MTB XC
  • Track/Circuit - Endurance/Sprint
  • MTB Gravity

How do you get on an NSR-Foundation? 

Riders here are typically a final year youth A rider (Under-16).  Riders will apply to be part of the NSR-Foundation programme annually (usually August).  Riders who develop late, who are new to the sport, or who are not quite ready will continue to be considered for selection throughout the entire year - the door is always open for riders to enter this stage of the pathway.  For more details see the below standards and criteria for each discipline, if you require more information contact 

How is it done?

These sessions will connect with Great Britain Cycling Team (GBCT) Development programmes - disciplines will share sessions (track time, camps etc) supporting a smoother transition.  

When and where do NSR-Foundation sessions take place?

During the year, NSR-Foundation sessions will be delivered and will align with the racing season. Activity will take place in different parts of England as well as bring a cohort of riders together in one location.

NSR-Foundation Standards and Entry Criteria

Each Talent Pathway NSR-Foundation discipline, and activity, is specifically designed to develop the skills and habits of riders towards being ready for GBCT Development programmes, this enables riders to pursue a career as a full-time professional cyclist in that discipline.


Below you can see the benchmarks, standards, and criteria for each discipline;

Track/Road - Endurance Intake Standards

Track/Road - Endurance About the Programme

MTB XCO - Intake Standards

MTB XCO - About the Programme

Track Sprint - Intake Standards

Track Sprint - About the Programme

BMX SX - Intake Standards

MTB Gravity - About the Programme 

MTB Gravity - Intake Standards

BMX Freestyle Park - Intake Standards

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