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We've been following the exploits of British Cycling BMX riders and , who are on work experience. An essential element of their overall personal development, the placement helps to ensure that their athlete commitments are balanced with experiences outside cycling. In his latest blog, Curtis explains why there is a positive atmosphere inside the work place...

Whilst working at the Bauer Millett garage this week, we had plenty of challenging tasks but completing these to a high standard is all part of the learning process.

We had to help out with an issue on an Alfa Romeo which had a problem with the engine management system. After conducting some tests, we discovered that this was associated with the braking sensor so we were able to work on fixing the problem.

Next, Dan and I helped to fix some glow plugs onto a Jeep before then helping to service a car; we were certainly being kept busy!

We found that this particular car had a ‘knocking noise’ on the front of it which was a result of a problem with the steering. Every week we are learning more and more and improving our skills!

In other news, there is certainly a buzz around the place as we are moving to new state of the art premises which will be close to the velodrome.

The garage is starting to look empty as everything is starting to get packed away. Everybody is excited about the move as it will be to a bigger area of space which will mean the staff will be able to work on more cars and we can continue to learn more.

Personally, I am really looking forward to seeing the new garage and continue learning the trade which has proved to be so much fun.

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