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BMX World Championship title triumph amazing - Quillan Isidore

BMX World Championship title triumph amazing - Quillan Isidore

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British Cycling ExclusivePublished: 31 May 2012
Report: Scott Hobro
Image: Spencer Moret

British Cycling BMX Talent Team rider Quillan Isidore has admitted that the feeling of being a BMX world champion has only just sunk in after his superb performance at the UCI BMX World Championships.

Isidore showed outstanding skill and composure beyond his years on his way to becoming the world’s best in the Boys 16 category at the National Indoor Arena, commanding many of the races on route to the title against a tough field in Birmingham.

The win caps a promising season which has so far seen him win every one of the British BMX Series events in the junior men’s class as well as recording victories on the continent, prevailing in the 15-16 years class in the Belgium leg of the UEC BMX European Series. It was, however, his triumph last weekend which ranks as the best in his eyes.

“It’s sunk in now and it feels pretty amazing. To win it in front of the home fans in the National Indoor Arena with everyone cheering for me, it’s made it 10 times better,” Isidore said.


"It’s sunk in now and it feels pretty amazing. To win it in front of the home fans in the National Indoor Arena with everyone cheering for me, it’s made it 10 times better."

Quillan Isidore


“I wasn’t really nervous. Once it got to the semi-finals and final I wasn’t nervous at all because I was just happy to make it that far. With the whole home crowd spurring me on it just made it better, it was an advantage.”

A sold-out NIA witnessed the reward for Isidore’s toil in training as he saw off his competition by some distance. He insists that whilst the wins may have appeared easy, a constant dialogue with coach Jeremy Hayes in between races and a professional approach were the lynchpin to success.

“The only problem I had all day was keeping the inside line going into the first corner so he [coach Jeremy Hayes] just told me to watch that as I got cut up a few times, he was saying everything was all good and to keep calm,” Isidore commented.

“Through my heats I got cut up then I made it back straight away. I knew I could do it - I had to go for it otherwise I would have been out back further. It was either that or nothing and it paid off. It was quite difficult as I had to fight through the whole track, they were comfortable wins but if I had made a slight mistake I could have been passed so it was quite challenging.”

His victory at the UEC European BMX Series forms part of his training under the Great Britain BMX Talent Team Programme, allowing the Dialled Bikes rider to acquire necessary experience against the field that he will compete alongside of for most of his career and with it familiarity with a higher standard of racing which will develop his skills.

Already the world champion is eying up next year’s tests, when he will make the significant step up into the junior men’s category.

“My main aim was to stay smooth out front and not let the pressure to get to me, so that helped a lot with being in the worlds. I kept my calm when I was in front. Going to Europe gave me more experience - knowing my riders and just knowing how I can do in the field.

“Now that I’m stepping up to junior, hopefully in Europe I can make semi-finals and finals and just do the best I can and do as much preparation as I can up to it, then go to New Zealand for the worlds next year and hopefully make a semi-final at least.”


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