Injured British Riders: Messages of Support

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Injured British Riders: Messages of Support

Story Updated May 10, 2010 British Cycling Statement

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Latest update

Hannah Mayho has been released from hospital (Thursday) and will be flown back to the UK on Sunday. Her arm will remain in plaster for 6 weeks and she will undergo a full medicals assessment on her return. Lucy Martin is still resting at the Academy House. Katie Colclough is now back on her bike and we are delighted with her recovery. Emma Trott meanwhile has had her collarbone pinned and says on her Facebook page that she is now sleeping for England!

British Cycling and it's members wish all the girls involved the very best and a speedy recovery.

Message  from Emma Trott

A message from Emma Trott, one of the riders involved in the accident and she says "Thanks for all the support. We are all grateful for all the messages and to everyone who was at the scene and hospital."

We've received a number of messages of support for the injured riders. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to get in touch. We'll make sure all your messages reach the riders. If you want to add a message, please send it to

Update On British Riders Injured In Belgium

Hannah Mayho, who was seriously injured in a car collision on Friday 7th May while training in Belgium with four other British riders, is said to be making satisfactory progress following surgery at a hospital in Oudenaarde yesterday.

A second x-ray yesterday afternoon confirmed the 19 year-old from Bradford was suffering from one broken leg, not two as was originally reported. The affected leg, her left, has been pinned in a successful procedure.

Hannah’s broken right arm and wrist are in a plaster cast. She is likely to stay at the hospital for another week. Her parents and coach Simon Cope, who are with her, have reported she is feeling positive.

Twenty year-old Lucy Martin from Cheshire, who suffered a cracked vertebra, is resting at the Academy House under the supervision of the GB Cycling Team doctor. Twenty year-old Katie Colclough from Lincolnshire, who suffered concussion, is expected to be discharged from hospital today.

Twenty year-old Emma Trott from Hertfordshire, who suffered a broken collarbone and a black eye, has been released from hospital, as has 18 year-old Sarah Reynolds who hurt her hand and cut her chin in the crash. 

The five girls were injured at about 10:30 yesterday morning when a car pulled out of a junction. Simon Cope, the Olympic Academy Programme Coach, said: “We are all feeling much more positive today. All the people here have been really great and have rallied around to help us.”

Original Press Release

British Cycling can confirm that five female British riders, including three riders from its Olympic Academy Programme, were involved in a collision with a car at about 10:30 this morning while training in Belgium.

Hannah Mayho, Lucy Martin, Katie Colclough, Emma Trott and Sarah Reynolds were out on a ride between Brakel and Oudenaarde when the accident took place. All five have since received medical treatment at a hospital in Oudenaarde.

Hannah Mayho, who came into direct contact with the vehicle, has broken both her legs and her right arm and wrist. She is undergoing surgery today and will be kept in hospital as long as necessary.

Katie Colclough has suffered concussion and will be kept in hospital overnight. Lucy Martin has cracked a vertebra and has been advised to rest over the coming weeks. Emma Trott has suffered a broken collarbone and a black eye. Sarah Reynolds has hurt her hand and split her chin.

Simon Cope, the Olympic Academy Programme Coach, is with the five riders in Belgium. All families have been informed and the priority now is to bring the athletes back to the UK as soon as possible.