British Cycling announces Pelotan as Official Sun Protection Supplier

British Cycling announces Pelotan as Official Sun Protection Supplier

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British Cycling can today announce Pelotan as its Official Sun Protection Supplier. The new five-year partnership begins this month, and will see Great Britain Cycling Team riders and British Cycling members benefit from Pelotan expertise.

Pelotan will work closely with the Great Britain Cycling Team’s medical services staff to support riders from all disciplines, providing both sun protection strategies and a range of products for training and competition. Pelotan and Great Britain Cycling Team are also working closely to help prepare for the challenging conditions expected at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Designed specifically for athletes, Pelotan is a ‘once-a-day’, water and sweat resistant sun protection brand that allows cyclists to stay in the saddle longer. The company’s flagship product is an alcohol-based spray which is clear, quickly absorbed, lightweight and breathable and has been tested as lasting up to eight hours at SPF 30.

Tom Austen, Managing Director of Pelotan said: “Exposure to the sun is unavoidable in cycling; whether it be on training rides, trips around the park, or when we see a return to sportives and Olympic races - whatever level and whatever discipline you ride, it has never been more clear that part of the joy of cycling is being outdoors in nature, but it is important to protect your skin all year round.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Great Britain Cycling Team to provide high-performance sun protection at the very elite level of the sport, where every possible advantage can be crucial. We will also work closely with British Cycling to raise awareness of sun damage and skin care across the board, whilst giving members access to exclusive benefits.

Our Official Sun Protection Supplier, Pelotan, offers a range of broad-spectrum products.

“We are passionate about cycling and genuinely believe sun protection can have a tangible impact on performance, recovery and enjoyment for cyclists of all levels – so we look forward to working with British Cycling over the coming years.”

With weather set to be one of the most challenging factors at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Great Britain Cycling Team’s head of medical services, Dr Nigel Jones recognised the role – and importance - of sun protection.

Dr Nigel Jones, Head of Medical Services for the Great Britain Cycling Team, said:

“Sunscreen alone can’t entirely protect you from UV damage, but it’s a vital element of any skin care routine all year round. What particularly drew us to Pelotan was the quality of their product and their focus in developing formulations that are well-tailored to athletes.

“We’ve taken stock of Pelotan Sprays and Roll-Ons for use by the Great Britain Cycling Team and we’ll be getting real-time feedback from riders to ensure that they are fully familiar with the products ahead of the Tokyo Games.

“On top of the performance aspect, we have a number of things in the pipeline with Pelotan, including sun protection advice for the benefit of all British Cycling members. While getting out on the bike in the sunshine is great for your mental wellbeing, it’s important that you make sure you’re protected while doing so.”

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The Great Britain Cycling Team on the podium at the Tour of Britain 2019 in the sunshine.