Bikeability Brings Positive Results

Bikeability Brings Positive Results

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Bikeability Brings Positive Results

As an active deliverer of Bikeability Training, British Cycling welcomes the results of The Department for Transport (DfT) research study which has evaluated the impact and perceptions of cycle training, with a specific focus on Bikeability, and found positive results. 

The research, undertaken by Ipsos MORI, has now been made public, and makes for interesting reading as it shows that Bikeability schemes enjoy a very high degree of customer satisfaction (98% of parents surveyed said they were satisfied with the Bikeability scheme, of which 76% were very satisfied).

The report also states that the overwhelming majority of parents whose child has taken part in Bikeability feel that it has had a positive impact on their child’s safety when cycling on the road (93%).

Similarly, children who have taken part in Bikeability also report that they feel more confident about riding their bike generally (93%) and riding their bike on the road (86%). The main things that the children interviewed say that they learnt from taking part in Bikeability are ‘to ride my bike more safely’ (68%), ‘to ride my bike safely on the road’ (53%) and ‘to ride my bike with confidence (36%).

A summary of the research, together with a link to the full report, can be found at

Clearly Bikeability is having an effect and we at British Cycling are delighted to be able to play our part. We have plenty more opportunities planned for 2011 so whether you want to take a Bikeability course, host one or teach one, we can help.

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