Ride Leadership Award Combined

Ride Leadership Award Combined


This course combines both the Level 1 and Level 2 Ride Leadership award and is for experienced road cyclists looking to develop leading skills for your club, group, business or organisation. 

The course covers preparing for a ride, advanced group management, advanced risk management, group riding etiquette, advanced communication and decision making.

What does the course include? 

The course is a two-day course combining both Ride Leadership Award Level 1 & Level 2. Learners receive:

  • 30-days access to British Cycling Learning with 5 hours of directed learning
  • Two-days of expert tuition by a British Cycling tutor including practical assessment on both days

How much does it cost? 

  • From £205.00 per person, or 
  • £1,800.00 for a private course for a maximum of 10 learners 

There is no requirement to lead rides for British Cycling upon completing this course. 

How long will the course take to complete? 

2 day

What do I need to be able to register? 

  • The minimum age to attend a course is 18 years old  
  • You must be an experienced, confident road cyclist. 
  • British Cycling Community Membership*

*To benefit from Coaches, Leaders and Instructors Insurance you must have a minimum of Ride Membership

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If you need extra support to undertake this course because of a physical or learning disability please contact our teamto discuss any reasonable adjustments that would support you.