Boaler takes indoor title with victory at Coventry

Boaler takes indoor title with victory at Coventry

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Location: Sports Connexion complex, Coventry, West Midlands
Event: 4-5 January 2014
Report: Snowdon Sports

Horspath rider Mark Boaler was crowned the British Indoor Cycle Speedway Champion after a dramatic title race at the Sports Connexion complex in Coventry on Saturday.

The 28-year-old from Oxford, who has been runner-up for the last three seasons, took the 2013 title after a thrilling final few races.

But a repeat of Boaler’s 2006 national title it had looked unlikely in the early stages, with Tom Reed (Exeter) winning his first three rides, but he crashed in heat 13 to put him out of contention.

2012 title holder Ryan Hoyland (Sheffield) was a good bet to retain his title, but was beaten by Reed in the silver medal match-up and finished third.

The over-40 title went to Mark Whitehead (Leicester) who, after going unbeaten throughout the competition, beat Gavin Parr (Northumbria) in the final. Given the inside track at the start, Whitehead held off Parr from the tapes. Errol Thaw (Horspath) took third spot.

The Under-19s title went to Ricki Johnson (Wednesfield), while Matt Smith (Sheffield) was second and Leyton Glover (Poole) third, while the Under-16 title was secured by Sheffield’s Richard Hudson, with Brandon Whetton (East Park) second.


British Indoor Men’s Championship Final

Mark Boaler (Horspath) 18, Tom Reed (Exeter) 17, Ryan Hoyland (Sheffield) 17, Matt Smith (Sheffield) 16, Jake Read (Stockport) 15, Lewis Osborne (Ipswich) 14, Scott Millward (Birmingham) 13, Craig Marchant (Wednesfield) 13, Mark Carmichael (Newport) 13, Ben Mould (Wednesfield) 12, Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 10, Chris Jewkes (Wednesfield) 9, Wil Bristowe (Poole) 8, Jack Lush (Stockport) 8, Craig Nethercott (Exeter) 8, Joe Kemp (East Park) 4.

British Indoor Over-40 Championship Final

Mark Whitehead (Leicester) 20, Gavin Parr (Northumbria) 19, Errol Thaw (Horspath) 18, Steph Whitehead (Leicester) 15, Peter Chant (Southampton) 15, Steve Hodgkinson (Birmingham) 14, Dave Meanley (Wednesfield) 13, Tim Grimes (Hethersett) 11, Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 11, Mick Knowles (Sheffield) 10, Luke Morton (Sheffield) 9, Jason Keith (Northumbria) 9, Ian Brown (Sheffield) 8, Jim Collier (Swindon) 7, Mick Aris (Wednesfield) 6, Andy Stone (Exeter) 3.

British Indoor Under-19 Championship Final

Ricki Johnson (Wednesfield) 17, Matt Smith (Sheffield) 16, Leyton Glover (Poole) 16, Oli Sidwick (Poole) 16, Jack Lush (Stockport) 14, Ashley Hill (Ipswich) 14, Scott Millward (Birmingham) 14, Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 13, Matt Lush (Stockport) 11, Wil Bristowe (Poole) 11, Jake Read (Stockport) 10, Matt Hill (Ipswich) 9, Lee Kemp (East Park) 9, Harry Everiss (Wednesfield) 9, Zak Payne (Horspath) 7, Richard Fellgett (Ipswich) 6.

British Indoor Under-16 Championship Final

Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 19, Brandon Whetton (East Park) 18, Matt Hill (Ipswich) 18, Daniel Drewett (Coventry) 16, Jamie Whetton (East Park) 16, George Horsley (Horspath) 15, James Elston (Bury) 13, Lee Kemp (East Park) 13, Mason Phillips (Bretford) 12, Richard Fellgett (Ipswich) 10, Jay Briggs (Poole) 10, Jake Neighbour (Swindon) 9, Niall Morton (Sheffield) 8, Connor Dyke (Wednesfield) 7, Luke Whitehead (Leicester) 3.

British Indoor Under-13 Final

Haydn Rowley (Wednesfield) 19, James Elston (Bury) 19, Wil Tidball (Leicester) 17, Edan Morton (Sheffield) 16, George Horsley (Horspath) 16, Oliver Morris (Coventry) 13, Josh Whetton (East Park) 13, Jimmy Wassell (Leicester) 13, Chloe Whitehead (Leicester) 11, Joe Sidwick (Newport) 9, Tom Whitwam (Bury) 9, Samantha Marsh (Coventry) 7, Owen Tidball (Exeter) 7, Owen Wells (Hethersett) 7, Honey Whitehead (Leicester) 5

British Indoor Women’s Final

Vicky Brown (Sheffield) 19, Charlie Jane Herbert (Exeter) 18, Lauren Davies (Leicester) 17, Lauren Hookway (Exeter) 17, Lucy Whitehead (Leicester) 16, Michelle Whitehead (Leicester) 13, Danielle Rile (Hethersett) 13, Livvy Horsley (Horspath) 13, Rebecca Davies (Newport) 12, Chloe Whitehead (Leicester) 11, Jenna Whitehead (Leicester) 11, Katie Adams (Hethersett) 10, Gemma Hill (Ipswich) 7, Samantha Marsh (Coventry) 6

British Indoor Junior Team Final

Stockport 48: Dylan Radcliffe 13, Jake Read 13, Matt Lush 12, Jack Lush 10
Sheffield 37: Matt Smith 12, Richard Hudson 9, Matt Parrott 7, Zak Smurthwaite 6, Niall Morton 3
Poole 37: Leyton Glover 13, Wil Bristowe 11, Oli Sidwick 9, Caris Glover 4
Ipswich 34: Charlie Rumbold 11, Ashley Hill 9, Matt Hill 9, Richard Fellgett 5, Gemma Hill dnr

British Indoor Team Final

Horspath 46: Mark Boaler 14, Mike Morgans 12, Ryan Taylor 10, Dave Carmichael 10, Zac Payne dnr
Sheffield 45: Matt Smith 14, Ryan Hoyland 13, Jono Birks 10, Richard Hudson 8, Matt Parrott dnr
Wednesfield 45: Ricki Johnson 14, Craig Marchant 12, Ben Mould 11, Chris Jewkes 8, Scott Doherty dnr
Stockport 16: Jack Lush 7, Ben Higham 6, Jake Read 2, Matt Lush 1

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.