Cycle Speedway - Previous Series

Cycle Speedway - Previous Series

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League tables, fixtures and results from previous cycle speedway series'.

Battle of Britain

2018 Battle of Britain Senior & Junior detailed scores

2018 Battle of Britain Senior & Junior Overall Table

2018 Club Championship

2017 Battle of Britain Senior & Junior detailed scores

SuperTrax Womens League

2018 Standings

2018 Regulations

2017 Standings

2017 Detailed scores

Cycle Speedway Cup Play-offs

2019 Regulations

British Youth and Junior League

2018 BYJL North & Scotland Scores

2018 BYJL South & South Wales Scores

2018 BYJL South East & Eastern Scores

2018 BYJL Midlands Scores

2018 BYJL Midlands Team Scores

2018 BYJL Midlands GP Scores

2018 BYJL National GP Scores

2018 BYJL Team Competition Scores

2017 BYJL National GP Final Scores

2017 BYJL National Club Competitions Final Scores

2016 BYJL National Qualifying Final Scores

North and Scotland League

2018 Northern and Scotland League Results and Standings

2017 Final Standings

2016 Final Standings