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Cycle Speedway Weekly Roundup

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Cycle Speedway reports and results week ending 22 September 2013

Elite League Poole v Wednesfield

Event: 22 September 2013
Harbourside Park
Report: Graham Sutton
Image: John Burge

Two well balanced teams bursting with talent put on a superb exhibition of top class cycle speedway at Harbourside Park where the home side just had the edge after the opening race, to collect the two points that leaves them in the driving seat in the race for the Elite League title.

The Aces opened with a 6-4 from inside gates with Paul Heard outpacing Thomas Read before a sublime double pass by Maciej Ganczarek and Marcin Szymanski on Lee Aris gave Poole a lead which they did not relinquish for the remainder of the match. The lead was increased with a heat 3 win from the excellent Greg Gluchowski with Ben Mould trailing in last after a good pass by Steve Harris.

The next two races were shared with trademark wins for Paul Heard and Thomas Reed before another 6-4 from the Gluchowski and his partner Harris who relegated another big scalp in Lee Aris to the back of the field.

The colours of Paul Heard were lowered for the first time in the match by Marcin Szymanski in a Poole 6-4 in heat 8 but the interval advantage was trimmed back to 48-42 in heat 9 when Lee Aris teamed up with Ricky Johnson for a 6-4 of their own.

After the break, home skipper Gluchowski continued his winning ways with another win before the Wroclaw duo of Szymanski and Ganczarek banged in another maximum after a robust challenge by the European champion on Ben Mould who picked up his second last place in three races. Tapes exclusions for Arek Szymanski and Mark Griffiths left Lee Aris to head home Thomas Reed in the resulting match race.

Another well judged move by Gluchowski from gate 4 saw him speed past Paul Heard in heat 13 to square the race followed by a 6-4 in heat 14 which saw the Comets now 74-63 to the good. Heat 15 was shared as Ben Mould recovered his poise to hold on from fast charging Maciej Ganczarek while Arron Morgon turned the tables on Ricky Johnson after an earlier misfortune.

Late fightbacks between these two giants are the rule rather than the exception and in todays encounter it was the turn of the Aces to make the home side sweat after a superb Heard/Griffiths 7-3 in heat 16. Ben Mould headed Marcin Szymanski in the penultimate race as the Polish star had to be at his tactical best to prevent Lee Aris from joining his partner for another maximum score as the Aces narrowed the gap to 5 points.

Matiej Ganczarek rounded off a fine performance to win heat 18 while partner Gluchowski dropped his first point in the match after a scintilating four laps of action with Chris Jewkes. This was a sportingly contested affair, well handled by referee Robin Spicer who allowed the match to flow freely and without controversy.

Poole now face the difficult trip to Sheffield to round off their season where a draw or a win will enable them to wrest the league title from 2012 champions, Horspath.

POOLE 92: Greg Gluchowski 18, Maciej Ganczarek 17, Marcin Szymanski 17, Thomas Reed 13, Steve Harris 10, Leyton Glover 6, Arek Szymanski 6, Arron Morgan 5.

WEDNESFIELD 85: Paul Heard 16, Ben Mould 14, Lee Aris 13, Chris Jewkes 12, Mark Griffiths 11, Craig Marchant 9, Ricky Johnson 9, Troy Allen 1

Match Race

Greg Gluchowski bt Paul Heard

Division 2

Poole also strengthened their grip at the top of the Division 2 table with a convincing display which leaves them needing just one more point from their final match to secure the title.

POOLE 83: Wil Bristowe 13, Oli Sidwick 13, Hayden Chant 10, Jay Briggs 9, Pete Young 8, Niall Instone 8, Chris Blundell 5, Fraser Garnett 4 (+13p/pts)

WEDNESFIELD 60: Ricky Johnson 16, Connor Dyke 11, Dave Meanly 11, Harry Evriss 10, Troy Allen 8, Charlie Ellits 4

Referee - Robin Spicer.

Horspath v Birmingham

Event: 22 September 2013
Location: Horspath Cycle Speedway, Oxford
Report: Geoff Gamage

Horspath did what they had to do despite a strong challenge put up by Birmingham, Myke Grimes, Scott Millward, Chris Timms and Mark Winwood especially kept the Hammers on their toes, eventually though a 101-78 scoreline didn't do justice to the closeness of the racing.

Referee Nicky Whitehead in his Elite League debut had a fine match refereeing with common sense, which helped produce a very professional meeting ridden hard in good spirit. Hammers broke the deadlock with two 7-3 heat wins in heats 3 & 4 the first one of three to feature talisman Mark Boaler who was unbeaten in his four races, the other a fine move from Errol Thaw, Birmingham hit straight back with an excellent piece of team riding from Mark Winwood getting Paul Timms home for their own 7-3.

Carmichael and Szymczak soon restored the 8 point advantage which was increased with a Nowacki / Bates 6-4. Next heat the only big decision to make for the referee,Harrold bought down Chris Timms with Thaw trailed off Birmingham were awarded a 7-2 to reduce the arrears to five at the half.

Boaler / Bates combined for a 7-3 to open the 2nd half, heats 12, 13 and 14 saw Hammers increase that margin by another ten points. A 7-3 in heat 16 from Harrold and Szymczak saw both the Mark's rested for their last two races, Scott Millward won two speedy battles against World Champion Lukasz Nowacki. Mark Winwood had an amazing escape as his crankshaft almost cracked in two!

Horspath 101 ( Mark Carmichael 12+3, Mateusz Szymczak 14, Lukasz Nowacki 17+1,Zac Payne 8+1, Jack Harrold 12+1, Mark Boaler 13+3, Errol Thaw 12+1, Lewis Bates 12.)

Birmingham 78 ( Myke Grimes 12, Paul Timms 7, Chris Timms 15+1, David Ball 9+1, Scott Millward 12, Oliver Riley 7+1, Stephen Hodgknson 9, Mark Winwood 7+1.

The combination match saw a debut for Owen Johnson and a track return for former team manager father Andy the latter showing flashes of former gating prowess. Jordan Richardson and Mike Burgess leading the Hammers to a twenty point win on the day, 75-55

Horspath 75 ( Wayne Clarke 8+1, Mike Burgess 16, Andy Johnson 12, Lee Clarke 9, George Horsley 11+2, Jordan Richardson 13+2, Owen Johnson 5.)

Birmingham 55 ( Natalie Timms 7, Ross Winwood 5, Lee kemp 13, Dylan Hexley 5, Phil Widdas 8+1, Ryan Winwood 6, Stephen Hodgkinson 11,)

Elite League - Sheffield 92 Ipswich 83

Whenever Sheffield and Ipswich get together you can guarantee you will be in for tough match with some great racing. With the Stars having lost down in Suffolk earlier on in the season in a classic Elite League encounter the stage was set for another no holds barred contest. Both teams were making changes with riders missing due to injury and work commitments, with each club having a large pool of Junior riders to call on the youngsters got their chance today in the big league.

Heat 1 with Sheffield on the in's, Pawel Idszorek and Dan Chambers make the gate and storm to the front, its looking like a Sheffield 7-3 until Ashley Hill makes a fine inside pass on Chambers and gets his partner Leon Mower through for 5-5. The next race with the Stars on outs Mikey Hewitson shoots around the outside from grid 4 to be joined by Damien Zareeba at the front and Sheffield take a comfortable maximum 7-3.

The next 3 races see heat advantages to Sheffield as Matt Smith, Idszorek and Chambers all take wins with great support from their partners, which include Stars Juniors Kyle Holland & Richard Hudson.

Five races gone and Sheffield are 10 up but then a series of tape exclusions from the home side and Ipswich are right back in it, Smith & Idszorek both do great damage limitation jobs. Zareeba & Hewitson steady the ship with another great maximum from the outside grids again, however Richard Fellgate and Brooke repay them in kind in the very next heat when Sheffield suffer another tape exclusion. You have to feel a great deal of sympathy for lone Stars Junior rider Zach Smurthwaite who despite his best efforts can do little to stop the Ipswich duo.

This brings a half time score of 46-41 to Sheffield, after the break the first two races are shared before Ipswich take the advantage and narrow the gap to 3pts with a well taken 6-4 from Jamie Chittock and Brooke, Chittock the only rider to inflict a defeat on the flying Idszorek.

Smith takes a great win in the next heat but with Jamie Ball receiving his marching orders from Referee Mike Legge, Ipswich close the gap to 2 pts with a 5-4 heat advantage. Hewitson & Holland regain the advantage with a well taken 6-4 in the next heat, Holland putting in a superb pass on Matt Hill.

Ipswich close the gap again with another 5-4 as Chambers is forced to retire with bike problems, Smith notching is third win of the day. Heat 17 see the Stars take a well earned 6-4 to finally put the match out of Ipswich reach, Idszorek taking his tally to 19pts. A final 7-3 maximum from Zareeba and Ball wrap things up nicely with Zareeba returning an18+2 maximum and getting back to the kind of form that saw him elevated to European Champion.

A true team effort from Sheffield with everyone chipping in, in a hard fought victory, for Ipswich Jamie Chittock and Richard Fellgate caught the eye but in fairness all there youngsters contributed to a highly entertaining match.

Sheffield: Pawel Idszorek 19, Damien Zareeba 18+2, Mikey Hewitson 15, Matt Smith 15, Jamie Ball 8+2, Dan Chambers 6, Richard Hudson 5, Kyle Holland 4, Zach Smurthwaite 3.

Ipswich: Jamie Chittock 15+1, Josh Brooke 12+1, Ashley Hill 12, Lewis Roberts, 11+2, Charlie Rumbold 10+1, Richard Fellgate 10, Leon Mower 8+2, Matt Hill 5


British Youth and Junior League

Latest league tables

British Open and Women's Club Championship

Final standings

British Open Club Championship at Hull


Wednesfield 53: Ben Mould 14, Paul Heard 14, Chris Jewkes 12, Lee Aris 9, Craig Marchant 4

Stockport 39: Ben Higham 11, Jake Read 11, Terry Norman 11, Joe Pickford 3, Connor Simpson 3

Birmingham 37: Chris Timms 13, Nathan Groves 9, Mark Winwood 8, Paul Timms 6, Steve Hodgkinson 1

Hull 29: Andy Angell 12, Craig Boddice 5, Ben Swanborough 5, Sam Schofield 4, Lewis Aylmer 3

Referee: John Whiting (Lancashire)

British Women’s Club Championship at Hull


Leicester 70: Lauren Davies 16, Jenna Whitehead 14,Lucy Whitehead 14, Michelle Whitehead 14, Laura Watson 12

Sheffield 56: Vicky Brown 19, Ellie Sullivan 17, Charlotte Adams 10, Naimh Morton 7, Alice Unwin 3

Exeter 54: Charlie-Jane Herbert 17, Lauren Hookway 16, Toniche Heyde 16, Rosie Tidball 5

Ipswich 50: Lauren Jacobs 19, Lisa-Marie Bowen 14, Chloe Pearce 9, Jemma Hill 6

Wednesfield 39: Courtney Aris 13, Charlie Ellitts 12, Michelle Aris 8, Nathalie Timms 6

Hull 31: Kim Bent 7, Tracy Thomas 7, Katie Greaves 6, Linda Morrell 6, Rachael Boddice 5

Referee: Darren Kent (Yorkshire)

Semi Final A

Stockport 48: Ben Higham 14, Jake Read 14, Terry Norman 12, Joe Pickford 6, Connor Simpson 2

Birmingham 42: Mark Winwood 14, Chris Timms 13, Nathan Groves 9, Paul Timms 5, Steve Hodgkinson 1

East Park 38: Jamie Ball 11, Jamie Whetton 10, Jack Hibberd 9, Brandon Whetton 8

Exeter 37: Aaron Herbert 12, Dave Murphy 11, Craig Nethercott 9, Sam Riddle 5, Jack Hibberd dnr

Sheffield 33: Matt Smith 11, Kyle Holland 8, Richard Hudson 6, Zak Smurthwaite 5, Aiden Owen 3

Referee: Andy Moody (Humberside)

Semi Final Two

Wednesfield 52: Paul Heard 13, Lee Aris 12, Ben Mould 11, Chris Jewkes 9, Craig Marchant 7

Hull 39: Andy Angell 12, Adam Stephenson 10, Ben Swanborough 9, Lewis Aylmer 5, Sam Schofield 3

Ipswich 36: Jamie Chittock 13, Ashley Hill 11, Adam Peck 6, Lewis Roberts 6, Richard Fellgett dnr

Hethersett 30: Dan Chambers 13, Ollie Riley 6, Dannielle Riley 6, Olly Buxton 5

Referee: John Whiting (Lancashire)