Cycle Speedway Elite League round up - 9 June 2013

Cycle Speedway Elite League round up - 9 June 2013

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Ipswich v Sheffield | Elite League
Location: Ipswich Cycle Speedway, Whitton Sports & Community Centre, Ipswich
Event: 9 June 2013

Ipswich welcomed unbeaten Sheffield Stars looking to continue to build on their recent success over Birmingham and continue their steady progress in this season’s Elite League.

 Ipswich started the afternoon without their captain Josh Brooke who will sidelined for up to three months following recent knee surgery. Sheffield were also missing several first team members which gave a balance to both sides and as the afternoon progressed this proved right.

Heats one to three went the way of the visitors with three consecutive 6-4`s advantages and the match even at this early stage looked to be slipping away from the home team. Heat four Ipswich managed to steady the ship with a shared heat, then in heat five the home team came to life when young Charlie Rumbold and Richard Fellgett incredibly secured a 6-4 over reigning British champion Andy Angell and team mate Jake Read, after Rumbold dumped Angell on the fourth bend, much to the delight of his team mates and home supporters.

This seemed to spur the home team on with a shared heat in six,heat seven saw the first exclusion when Stephenson moved at the tapes. The home team went on to record a 6-3 to move within one point of Sheffield. Heat eight saw another shared heat and the final heat of the first half saw Sheffield`s Lee Smith excluded after failing to remount his bike. Matt Smith limited the damage by winning the heat so both teams went into the half time interval level on 44 points each.

Heat ten saw for the first time in the match the home team edge in front with a 6-3 after Jamie Bull was excluded for legging. The next two heats were well contested heats that were shared as the home team showed their mental strength, heat thirteen saw a double exclusion firstly to Andy Angell for the use of a leg and with Ipswich looking to have an advantage Richard Williamson was excluded in the re-run for bringing down Hoyland.

The second re-run saw Roberts win the heat 4-3 to the home team,moving Ipswich into a four point lead. At this stage you wouldn`t blame the home team thinking that a famous victory was on the cards but in the following heat fourteen Sheffield made the most of a mix up between the Ipswich pairing and went onto secure the heat 7-3 to bring the match back to level at 67 points all. Heat fifteen saw Ipswich retake the lead with a 6-4 through Osborne and Rumbold.

Once again we had drama in heat sixteen when Roberts and Osborne came out to face Hoyland and Ball, in an incident packed heat Sheffield`s Jamis Ball suffered his second exclusion in which it appeared he used his head to knock Roberts off his bike, in the re-run Ipswich recorded a 6-3 heat win to move five points clear and it was clear to see that Sheffield were starting to get desperate as the match was slowly slipping away from them.

Ipswich went out in heat seventeen knowing that if they could share the heat the match was theirs for the taking as long as they avoided any exclusions in the final heat. Adam Peck and Jamie Chittock duly managed to split the Sheffield pairing so it was left to Osborne and Williamson to see the home team over the line to victory, although the race was called back the first time round and then in the re-run with Osborne fending off Angell down the back straight Angell appeared to remove one of his hands from his bike and linked arms with Osborne and pulled him down hoping to get the Ipswich rider excluded and after several riders from both sides entered the track from the pits, referee Colin Simmonds declared a re-run with all four riders, in the re-run Sheffield`s Adam Stephenson was excluded at the tapes much to the delight of the home supporters.

Heat eighteen got underway once again with Angell chasing down Osborne, the Ipswich rider was able to clamp Angell to the outside allowing his team mate to come through, with this Angell dismounted his bike and walked back to the pits thus giving Ipswich a 7-0 win.


Ipswich 91: Adam Peck 18, Lewis Roberts 18, Lewis Osborne 14, Jamie Chittock 10, Richard Williamson 10, Charlie Rumbold 8, Chris Osborne 6, Leon Mower 5, Richard Fellgett 2, Ashley Hill dnr.

Sheffield 79 : Ryan Hoyland 16, Matt Smith 15, Adam Stephenson 12, Jake Read 10, Jamie Ball 9, Dan Chambers 7, Andy Angell 5, Lee Smith 5, Aiden Owen dnr, Ben Swanborough dnr.

Referee - Colin Simmonds (Gwent)

Division 1 result

Ipswich 68 + 10 : Ashley Hill 19 , Richard Fellgett 14 , Daniel Knights 13 , Matt Hill 10, Jordan Stant 6 , Lauren Jacobs 4, Fraser Harris 2 .

Sheffield 60: Jake Read 16, Richard Hudson 10, Matt Parrott 10, Kyle Holland 9, Ben Swanborough 6, Zac Smurfwaithe 6 , Aiden Owen 6 .

Referee - Dave Hill (Suffolk)

Wednesfield v Poole | Elite League
Location: Wednesfield Cycle Speedway, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton
Event: 10 June 2013

Wednesfield were chasing this meeting against Poole from start to finish after a first heat win to Greg Gluchowski over Aces Doherty and Aris.                                                                                    

The Aces gremlins struck again in the second heat with a tapes exclusion for Paul Heard leaving Junior Euro & British Under 19 champ Ricki Johnson to go it alone against the Polish Best Pairs winners Ganczarek & Szymanski,

The race was won by senior Euro Champ Szymanski followed home by his teammate for a 7-2 to Poole that quickly followed by another 7-3 heat win to the visitors in the next,                                                                                                                    

And then the Aces gremlins came back again with a race exclusion to Craig Marchant whilst in a commanding position in the race for apparently slowing the race down, Scott Doherty did his best in the rerun but Aaron Morgan won for Poole whilst Scott was containing the presence of experienced Steve Harris 6-3 to Poole, putting the Aces 12 down with only four races gone.         

The home side steadied the ship in the next with a good race win from Aris to share the points, but the panic alarm started to ring in the next race when Jewkes & Griffiths went down to a Szymanski/Ganczarek 7-3 heat win.               

A look at the Aces side of the pits and a few heads were down! but a glimmer of hope came in heat 7 when Wheeler shed a chain on the start grid and Marchant took his oppotunity with a fast gate holding off Tom Reed with Aris in hot pursuit for a Aces 6-3, Poole finished the first half with a 6-4 from Ganczarek and Glover against the battling Chris Jewkes & Marchant half time score 36-51.

The match resumed with a 6-4 to Poole with a win for Szymanski with Mark Griffiths pushing hard for second place but young Matt Haddock could not find a way past Glover.                                               

Poole were like a runaway steam train as they slammed in another two 7-3 heat wins to knock the stuffing out of the Aces Pack the first with a win from Reed and Wheeler against Johnson and a very unusual Paul Heard at the rear and then in the next a great battle between Aris and Szymanski for second place with Ganczarek in front on the last bend Aris got dumped in the heavy outside shale by Szymanski.                                                                                     

The Aces with their never say die attitude came bouncing back with two 7-3s before the match was over but it was all too late, heat 13 saw a race win for Jewkes and Griffiths against Harris and Gluchowski and heat 15 a win for Paul Heard and Matt Haddock against Reed and Morgan with the Poole pair getting themselves in a bit of a tangle on the fourth turn.                        

The final three races ran out as shared heats with Poole the deserved winners on the day with a powerhouse of a team line up it will be almost impossible this season for any team to stop them winning the Elite League.


Wednesfield 80: Lee Aris 14, Paul Heard 13, Craig Marchant 13, Chris Jewkes 11, Mark Griffiths 9, Scott Doherty 7, Ricki Johnson 7, Matt Haddock 5, Troy Allen 1.

Poole 97: Marcin Szymanski 18, Maciej Ganczarek 17, Greg Gluchowski 15, Tom Reed 12, Gavin Wheeler 11, Aaron Morgan 10, Leighton Glover 8, Steve Harris 6, Aaron Smith DNR.

Division 1 result

Wednesfield 56: Troy Allen 14, Dave Meanley 12, Haydn Rowley 9, Harry Everiss 8, Mick Aris 8,Glyn Rowley 5.

Poole 74: Aaron Smith15, Will Bristow 15, Oli Sidwick 14, Hayden Chant 12, Pete Young 8, Nial Instone 6, Jay Briggs 4.