Speedway: Poole have too much for Leicester

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Location: Birmingham Cycle Speedway, Perry Bar, Birmingham
Event: 28 October 2012
Report: Tim Jarvis

Tracking their full complement of Polish riders Poole certainly looked like a tough nut to crack but the lowly Monarchs gave them a much tougher match then many would have expected.

The Slater Street outfit opened up with a 7-2 after Sam Hearn got his marching orders and held onto their lead until the interval. However the Dorset side got their noses in front with two successive maximums immediately after the break and Leicester could never find the firepower to eat into their lead.

Maciei Ganczarek scorched to a superb maximum for Poole but it was tactical reserve Tom Reed who probably made the difference, both of his replacement rides netting maximum points over the opposition.

Leicester battled hard and contributed to an excellent match but in the final analysis just five race winners isn’t likely to win many matches, but the home riders can hold their heads high for the way they went about their business against such strong opposition.

The meeting was held in deteriorating conditions and the riders can all be complimented for producing such fine racing on a very slippery surface.

Referee Bob Prince also deserves a pat on the back, his decisions were all consistent a fact acknowledged by both sides.


Leicester 84: L Nowacki 16+2, P Howells 15+1, A Stephenson 12+1, K Burns 12, J Ashford 9+2, C Marchant 9+2, N Whitehead 6, D Frith 5.
Poole 95: M Ganczarek 20, T Reed 17+2, G Gluchowski 16, M Nowak 14+2, M Szymanski 14+2, L Glover 9+1, S Hearn 3, A Smith 2.
Leicester 76: Liam Wood 13+2, Liam Davies 12+1.
Poole 66: A Smith 20, O Sidwick 16, L Glover 15.

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