Cycle speedway round-up - 22/23 September 2012

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Location: Leicester Cycle Speedway
Event: 23 September 2012

Ipswich claimed first blood in this hotly contested final, opening up a four point lead over defending champions Leicester but by the sixth the lead had been reversed.

The home team continued to extend their advantage and with two heats to go led by ten, wins by the unbeaten pair of Lauren Jacobs and Daniella Riley closed the gap and Ipswich can be well pleased to have pushed the Monarchs so hard.

Michelle Whitehead was unbeaten from her three starts, but it was the efforts of Jenna Whitehead that probably ensured that the trophy remained at Leicester with her timely victories over Laura Dale and Charlie Ellitts.

Sheffield claimed the bronze medal with the impressive Vicky Brown leading the way, young Ellie Sullivan was also claiming some notable scalps including that of Laura Watson in her last ride.

Leicester 54 (L Davies 15, J Whitehead 13, M Whitehead 12, L Watson 12, C Whitehead 2)

Ipswich 50 (L Jacobs 16, D Riley 16, L Dale 10, L M Bown 7, G Hill 1)

Sheffield 39 (V Brown 14, E Sullivan 12, B Owen 7, N Morton 5)

Poole 29 (C Glover 8, C Mines 7, H Morgan 7, C Albin 7)

Wednesfield 25 (C Ellitts 13, C Aris 8, A Cox 3, G Burt 1, L Rowley 0)

The senior final nearly produced the shock of the season, and it took run offs to decide the places.

At heat eight only four points separated the teams and this state of affairs continued until the thirteenth when favourites Horspath edged in front of Leicester by one point with Wednesfield and Birmingham still in with a shout. The Aces then had a nightmare three races when they only collected two points and Birmingham edged in front of them by three points.

The final heat meant all was to play for, positions changed hands on a regular basis but the final outcome saw Wednesfield draw level with Birmingham and Leicester catch the Hammers.

The run offs were an anti climax, Chris Timms getting an exclusion after a challenge from Ricky Johnston and Adam Stephenson ending up on the deck after a tussle with Mark Boaler.

The riders need to congratulated for their display, conditions were terrible and just got worse as the match progressed but there was still some decent racing on offer.

Horspath 43 (L Bates 14, S Harris 8, M Carmivhael 7, S Rudman 7, M Boaler 6)

Leicester 43 (A Stephenson 14, C Marchant 11, D Pike 10, A Peck 8)

Wednesfield 36 (G Wheeler 10, B Mould 10, C Jewkes 7, R Johnston 5, L Aris 4)

Birmingham 36 (C Timms 15, PHeard 11, J Harrold 4, S Millward 3, N Groves 3)

South & South Wales - Divisions 1 and 2 Exeter vs Hellingly
Location: Exeter Cycle Speedway
Event: 23 September 2012


Exeter 94
Andy Stone 14, Craig Nethercott 13, Aaron Herbert 12, Dave Hooper 12, Rob Geach 12, Aaron Coles 12, Dave Murphy 11, Andy Collett 8

Hellingly 85
Neil Hollebon 24, Jesse Moore 19, Martin Hollebon 17, Steven Archer 9, Tristan Bassett 6, Ettienne Patel 5, Mickey Stretton 3, Kelsie Duggard 2


Exeter 71 (plus bonus points for Hellingly riders in both divisions) 22 = 93
Dan Winchester 11, Will Tidball 11, Sam Riddle 9, Jack Herbert 8, Connor Tucker 8, Lauren Hookway 8, Robert Croal 8, Owen Tidball 8

Hellingly 48
Ettienne Patel 11, Tristan Bassett 9, Robert Ball 9, Mickey Stretton 8, Kelsie Duggard 6, Phoebe Kemp 5

South & South Wales British Youth & Junior League Round 6
Location: Exeter Cycle Speedway
Event: 23 September 2012


Under 8
1 Nathan Goulden (Poole)
2 Harry Stanbury (Exeter)
3 Danny Reeks (Poole)
4 Rosie Tidball (Exeter)

Under 10
1 Owen Tidball (Exeter)
2 Jack Currell (Horspath)
3 Murphy Hanmer (Poole)
4 Ben Stanbury (Exeter)

Under 12

1 Will Tidball (Exeter)
2 Eiuan Payne (East Newport)
3 Sean Bennett (East Newport)
4 Shane Hanmer (Poole)

Under 14
1 Jay Briggs (Poole)
2 Adam Bennett (East Newport)
3 Robert Croal (Exeter)
4 Niall Instone (Poole)

Under 16
1 Hayden Chant (Southampton)
2 Jesse Moore (Hellingly)
3 Aaron Smith (Poole)
4 Jacob Soper (Newport)

Under 18
1 Will Bristowe (Poole)
2 Steven Archer (Hellingly)

1 Lauren Hookway (Exeter)
2 Charlie-Jane Herbert (Horspath)
3 Kristina Mines (Poole)
4 Rebeca Davies (Newport)

Hethersett Senior Club Championship

1 Dave Martin 19
2 Phil Adams 17
3 Olly Buxton 16 (after race-off with Harley Hamill)

23/9 Hethersett Club Best Pairs Championship

1 Harley Hamill & Phil Adams 22
2 Dave Martin & Olly Buxton 21
3 Ben Collins & Tiff Collins 17

BCWT Youth Races
Event: 15 September 2012

U16 Boys
1 George Jary VC Londres
2 Tom Yiangou Chelmer CC
3 Matt Lansley Palmer Park Velo
4 Joe Donohue Fareham Wheelers
5 Ollie Bates Team Milton Keynes
6 Josh Mitchell Bicester Millenium CC
7 Oliver Cliff VC Londres
8 Chris Jackson Strada Sport
9 Oliver Clark Didcot Phoenix
10 Felix Loftus Zappi
11 Jack Kennett Prestige
12 Simon Passey Hillingdon Slipstreamers
DNF Joe Newbould HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U16 Girls
1 Georgia Leslie SSL

U14 Boys
1 Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers
2 Ben Moriarty Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Alex Jones HIllingdon Slipstreamers
4 Louis Rose Davies Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Charles Page Hillingdon Slipstreamers
6 Glenn Dossett Welwyn Wheelers
7 Tim Torrie Chelmer CC
8 Joseph Linehan Palmer Park Velo
9 Oliver Dixon VO2 Development
10 Sam Taylor Zappi

U14 Girls
1 Harriet Mellor HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U12 Boys
1 Kareem Akinnibi Herne Hill Youth CC
2 Gregory Atkins Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Tom Durkin Welwyn Wheelers
4 Isaac Costley CC Hackney
5 Nicholas Cowley Andrea HIllingdon Slipstreamers
6 Oliver Knight Team Keyne
7 Kameron Barber HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U12 Girls
1 Anna Marie Linehan Palmer Park Velo
2 Megan Panton Catford CC
3 Isabel Atkins HIllingdon Slipstreamers
4 Elizabeth Marvelly HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U10 Boys
1 Oscar Cowley-Andrea HIllingdon Slipstreamers
2 Gabriel Banner HIllingdon Slipstreamers
3 Oisin Murphy HIllingdon Slipstreamers
4 OlIver Dawson HIllingdon Slipstreamers
5 Samuel ? Hemel
DNF Kye Lewis HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U10 Girls
1 Amy Marvelly HIllingdon Slipstreamers
2 Abigail Old HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U8 Boys
1 George Gray Zappi
2 Harvey Tadman HIllingdon Slipstreamers
3 Jack O'Sullivan HIllingdon Slipstreamers
4 Joe O'Brien HIllingdon Slipstreamers

U8 Girls
1 Eleanor Barber HIllingdon Slipstreamers
2 Cerys Barber HIllingdon Slipstreamers

After what has seemed to be an eternity this season, Norwich ‘Stars’ finally are back on track in the South-East League Division 2 and the South-East Youth League, with fixtures at Great Blakenham and Ipswich (Whitton) writes Glenn Grange.

With Norwich not being at full strength, they took on bottom of the table Great Blake ham ‘B’ at Mill Lane, and after a few difficult opening heats, The Stars led by Heat 4 by 19 - 21.

With former Eaton rider Toby Sands back racing Cycle Speedway after a lengthy absence for Norwich, Norwich had a much stronger middle order, and were able through this to with-hold any challenge that Great Blakenham could muster.

Leading by a healthy 34 - 44 at the interval, the Norfolk Division 2 leaders kept a firm grip on the match and didn’t make any silly mistakes in the second half. Heat leaders Alan Parkins, Ollie Riley and Paddy Wenn kept Norwich’s noses in front by ten points which was enough to give the new young riders of Iwan Sands and Beth Allen a couple of rides. With Great Blakenham finishing slightly the stronger, in a very entertaining match, it was the visitors Norwich who took the two League points to maintain their unbeaten status in Division 2 this season by 76 - 82.


Great Blakenham ‘B’ 76: Jon Jo Slaughter 13, Kane Grimmer 10, Will Jennings 17, Gavin Whitehouse 8+2, Sam Turland 11+2, Sam Brown 12, Terry Ashford 5+2.

Norwich ’Stars’: Alan Parkins 19, Alex Dyball 10+2, Ollie Riley 16+1, Toby Sands 8+2, Paddy Wenn 19, Owen Wells 5, Iwan Sands 2, Beth Allen 3.

After the short trip from Great Blakenham to Ipswich (Whitton), bottom of the league Norwich under 16’s had an almost unenviable task of taking on the Ipswich Under 16’s, who were unbeaten and top of the League, whilst the Norfolk visitors sit at the bottom of the League and without a win.

Norwich started quite well with an Ollie Riley win, and after heat 4, they just trailed by 22 - 18. With the rain falling from the off, it didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of both sets of riders, and the track held up superbly well during the 16 heats of racing.

Ipswich stepped up the pace towards the interval, but the lesser experienced Norwich side could not keep up with their hosts and by the interval Ipswich had pulled away to lead by 53 - 37. Ipswich kept up the pressure after break and had the match won after Heat 14 83 - 57. With Norwich now looking a bit bedraggled, Ipswich collected the two league points in the end by 96 - 64, worthy winners. One fact about this match was that Ipswich never ran a last place in the 16 heats. For Norwich who are in the early stages of rebuilding, there were some encouraging signs for the future.


Ipswich ‘Eagles’ Under 16’s 96: Ben Harvey 16+2, Pierce Bacon 14+2, Terry Gilbert-Rolfe 18, Harrison Bacon 14+2, Dan Knights 17+2, Alex Harvey 11+1, Richard Fellgett 6+2.

Norwich ’Stars’ Under 16’s 64: Ollie Riley 18, Beth Allen 6, Dane Parkins 13, Owen Wells 4, Mason Parkins 15, Ciaran Wenn 5, Iwan Sands 3.