Cycle speedway round-up - 15/16 September 2012

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Location: Southampton Cycle Speedway, Winchester Road, Southampton
Event: 15 September 2012 

On a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon the Southampton club hosted the S&SW Junior and Senior Individual Finals.

The action started with the junior final and the hot favourites to take the title could be Aaron Smith (Poole) Jeese Moore (Hellingly) and home club rider Hayden Chant, Adam Bennett took the win in heat 1 closely followed by Jay Briggs. The next three heats saw wins for the three main contenders.

Heat 5 was the first clash of the main three with Moore on 1 and Chant on 4, Moore got the jump and Chant slotted into second with Charlie Jane Herbert third, Chant made his move on the third lap to get past Moore on the inside entering the pits turn making the move stick to take the win . Smith won his second ride and then meet Chant in heat 11 with Chant on 1 and Smith on 3, Chant held his gate and held smith at bay for a vital win over his rival with Lauren Hookway third and Nial Instone fourth.

Chant was heading the field after three rides unbeaten with Moore and Smith tied on eleven.

Moore took the win over Smith in heat 14 to close in on Chant who still remained unbeaten after four rides. Smith won heat 17 to finish on 18 points putting the pressure on his two rivals.

Chant lined up in the very next heat taking the win and the title with an unbeaten 20 point maximum. Moore duly won his last ride to finish on 19 points, claiming second and relegating Smith to third.

The seniors started their final with  a depleted field with three no shows, even so a strong line up had gathered with home star Gavin Wheeler, Hellingly’s Neil Hollebon and Newport’s Mark Carmicheal as pre event favourites.

Hollebon drew first blood with victory over Wheeler in heat 3, with Carmicheal taking the spoils in heat 4 from Jesse Moore, Pete Chant third. Wheeler duly held Carmicheal at bay in heat 8 to give both seven points after two rides with Hollebon and Aaron Herbert on eight points.

Heats 9,10 and 11 saw wins for Hollebon Wheeler and Carmichal, Jesse Moore broke the strangle hold off the top three with a win over Craig Neathercott heat 14. Josh Robertson took victory in heat 15 with Will Bristow second, Jesse Moore third and the unlucky Dan Miller who provided the action with some classy moves coming fourth.

Going into the last round of heats Hollebon still held the lead on 16pts with Wheeler and Carmicheal tied on 15 points and Herbert still in the hunt on 14 points.

Wheeler won heat 17 to finish on 19 points and had to wait to see if Carmicheal could defeat Hollebon in heat 19, before that Oli Sidwick finished his day off by taking the win in heat 18 and so onto heat 19, Hollebon made full use off his gate 1 to hold off Carmicheal to take the chequered flag and the senior title with an unbeaten maximum.

S&SW Regional League - Exeter v Southampton | South/South Wales League
Location: Exeter Cycle Speedway, Wheels Centre, Exeter
Event: 16 September 2012

Exeter 98: Dave Hooper 20, Dan Winchester 13, Andrew Stoner 13, Aaron Herbert 12, Dave Murphy 12, Will Tidball 12, Rob Geach 10, Lauren Hookway 6.

Southampton 80: Hayden Chant 16, Colin Wheeler 14, Dan Miller 13, Pete Chant 12, Connor Wilson 10, Josh Robertson 9, James Colling 6.

Yorkshire League Individuals
Location:  Heckmondwike Cycle Speedway, Firth Park, West Yorkshire
Event:  15 September 2012

The 2012 Yorkshire Individual Championships saw Radek Handke dethrone his Polish counter part Pawel Idziorek as the Open Champion.

Handke made five blistering starts to take the title with a 20 point maximum.  The draw had given Handke the inside grid on his main rivals and he duly obliged with a win over Darren Kent in heat 11.

The two Poles would then meet in heat 15 for the Championship decider. Handke was again quickly away from the start off grid one, he then cleverly slowed the race on the first corner as Idziorek (who had come out of grid four) lost momentum as he tangled with Matt Parrott and Laura Watson.  This move bought Handke half a dozen bike lengths and he needed them as Idziorek made a valiant effort and was almost in a passing position on turn one of the last lap when both riders broadslided on the dry and slippy track.

Handke was back on his pedals in a flash and shot away to take the title.  Idziorek then won his last race from an inside grid over Kent to claim the silver medal. Kent battled well to take third place overall and was a clear winner of the Vet +40 category. For the second year running Richard Hudson found himself in fourth place and just out of the medals. Rob Mawhood took second place in the Vet +40 with John Turney in third place.     

The women’ss event also saw a new name on the winner’s roster as Sandra Tamborska took the title from Laura Watson.  The two big guns were expected to challenge for the title but had surprisingly both decided to race in the open event as well. This would play an integral part in the destination of the title. Watson, the defending champion, found the draw had given her an outside grid on each of the times she would race Tamborska (making it a hard task to complete back to back titles).

The two met in race one with Tamborska holding off Watson’s big effort.  When they met again in race five they were both having their fifth race. Both then had a shock as Ellie Sullivan shot from grid one and led round the first bend. Sullivan, the British under 13 champion, never put a wheel wrong as she put the pressure on the top two. Tamborska was being forced into having to make a pass around the outside and was wary that this would allow Watson to make an inside move. 

After three cagey laps both Tamborska and Watson were feeling the effects of racing in two events and were unable to prevent Sullivan from taking a memorable win.  The outcome of this win was that Sullivan would take the silver medal and Watson the bronze medal. The Sheffield youngster had taken the silver medal in 2011 when she relegated GB women’s captain Vicky Brown into third place.

Adam Watson was the only rider to successfully defend his title as he again won the under 13 title with a flawless 20 point maximum.  Watson showed the same sort of form that took him to an unbeaten score in the third BY & JL National Round at Cookson Park a fortnight ago as he fought off determined efforts from Ellie Sullivan in race two and Rob Stockton-Garner in race 18.

Stockton-Garner would go on to take the silver medal with Sullivan again on the rostrum as she took bronze, to follow the silver from last year. An interesting battle was taking place for the under 10’s title between Hull’s Charlie Wade and Sheffield’s Sam Turney.  The two met in race 12 with Wade riding with great maturity to hold second place in the race behind Adam Watson to move into what would appear the driving seat to take the title. The Sheffield rider then pulled out a brilliant last race ride to finish ahead of under 13 rider Sam Booker and take the title to a run-off decider. 

The two had met in a bronze medal run off in 2011 when Turney was the victor after quickly remounting when the two crashed on turn two of the last lap. This time though the Hull rider made no mistake as Wade shot from the tapes off grid two to take the title. Will Naylor, silver medallist in 2011, took a well deserved bronze for the host club by winning the very last race from his nearest rival Matt Ellis of Sheffield.



Radek Handke (Sheffield) 20, Pawel Idziorek (Heckmondwike) 19, Darren Kent (Heckmondwike V40) 18, Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 17, Kyle Holland (Sheffield) 15, Zach Smurthwaite (Sheffield) 15, Adam Watson (Sheffield) 13, Rob Mawhood (Sheffield V40) 12, Matt Parrott (Sheffield) 12, David Cooper (Hull) 11, John Turney (Sheffield V40) 10, James Unwin (Sheffield) 10, Sandra Tamborska (Sheffield) 8, Laura Watson (Heckmondwike) 8, Charlie Davis (Hull) 6.


Sandra Tamborska (Sheffield) 15, Ellie Sullivan (Sheffield) 14, Laura Watson (Heckmondwike) 13, Katy Unwin (Sheffield) 12, Alice Unwin (Sheffield) 10, Lisa Unwin (Sheffield) 8.

Under 13

Adam Watson (Sheffield) 20, Rob Stockton-Garner (Hull) 19, Ellie Sullivan (Sheffield) 18, Josh Bellis (Hull) 14, Sam Booker (Heckmondwike) 14, Charlie Davis (Hull) 13, Daniel Rushton (Sheffield) 12.

Under 10

Charlie Wade (Hull) 16, Sam Turney (Sheffield) 16, William Naylor (Heckmondwike) 13, Matt Ellis (Sheffield) 10, Harrison Davis (Hull) 9, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 8, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 7.

Yorkshire Summer GP Series

The presentation of the trophies for the Summer Yorkshire GP series also took place. With two of the six rounds washed out by heavy rain the scores were from four rounds only, so any rider who missed one of the rounds found it very difficult to put in a challenge for the awards. 

That was crucial in the open event where Kyle Holland took first place (he was one of only four riders who managed to compete in every round – the others being Andy and David Cooper and Rob Mawhood). Richard Hudson’s fine overall second place came from three rounds with third place in the A final on each occasion. David Cooper took a deserved third place after competing in every round. Making the A final in the competition opener at his home track so him edge out Rob Mawhood.

Just three riders rode in every round in the intermediate’s, with two making it into the top three placings. Rob Stockton-Garner took the top prize, winning two and finishing second twice.  His main rival was Ellie Sullivan who won the two rounds were Stockton-Garner came second. Sullivan also had a second place but missed one round while away on holiday. Josh Bellis claimed third place with some consistent racing, making three of the four rounds A finals.

Hull’s Charlie Wade broke the rule in the under 10’s as he won the competition having only raced in three of the four rounds. Wade showed his undoubted promise by not losing any of his fifteen races. Brothers Jack and Joe Brownell were the only two riders to feature in every round and they took second and third places respectively.

Series results

Under 10’s

Charlie Wade (Hull) 75, Jack Brownell (Sheffield) 72, Joe Brownell (Sheffield) 61, William Naylor (Heckmondwike) 45, Jack Lister (Hull) 20, Sam Turney (Sheffield) 20, Edward Lister (Hull) 18, Alice Turney (Sheffield) 16, Jack Patterson (Hull) 14.


Rob Stockton-Garner (Hull) 90, Ellie Sullivan (Sheffield) 70, Josh Bellis (Hull) 63, Billie Owen (Sheffield) 55, Daniel Rushton (Sheffield) 41, Jack Parkinson (Heckmondwike) 34, Alice Unwin (Sheffield) 30, Charlie Davis (Hull) 26, Katie Greaves (Hull) 26, Katy Unwin (Sheffield) 22, Niamh Morton (Sheffield) 20, Amber Webster (Sheffield) 20, Linden German (Sheffield) 18, Lisa Unwin (Sheffield) 15, Ed Morton (Sheffield) 14.


Kyle Holland (Sheffield) 86, Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 54, David Cooper (Hull) 49, Rob Mawhood (Sheffield) 48, Darren Kent (Heckmondwike) 45, Jake Wood (Heckmondwike) 41, Matt Parrott (Sheffield) 36, Zach Smurthwaite (Sheffield) 36, David Cooper (Hull) 33, Vicky Brown (Sheffield) 30, Radek Handke (Sheffield) 25, Luke Morton (Sheffield) 23, Liam Webster (Sheffield) 20, Niall Morton (Sheffield) 16, Luke Hardy (Heckmondwike) 14, Louis German (Sheffield) 12, Andy Morris (Heckmondwike) 8, Justin Naylor (Heckmondwike) 8, John Turney (Sheffield) 7.