Singletrack Cycle Speedway Classic

Singletrack Cycle Speedway Classic

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Location: Astley & Tyldesley Miners Welfare Club, Tyldesley, Manchester
Event: 11 February 2012
Report: Mike Hack

Astley & Tyldesley teamed up with Singletrack Mountain Bike magazine to stage a charity cycle speedway fun event at Gin Pit on Saturday.

Volunteers worked hard to clear ice from parts of the track beforehand and a surprisingly raceable circuit greeted the riders. The 15 riders contested 16 qualifying heats, before splitting up into four finals. The mountain bike newcomers, who had travelled from as far afield as Edinburgh and Surrey, quickly adapted to the unfamiliar cycle speedway circuit and visibly improved as the event progressed.

Daniel Burns won the Astley & Tyldesley junior final, with Dave Haygarth winning his fifth race of the day to win the Singletrack 'A' final. Despite the bitterly cold weather, a good afternoon's sport was enjoyed by all present and a sum of £75 was raised for the Kidney Research UK charity.


Qualifying scores

Dave Haygarth 16, Sacha Street 15, Chris Narquis 15, Richard Stansfield 12, Joanna Kennedy 12, Ali Chant 12, Daniel Burns 12, Chipps Chippendale 11, John Pitchers 11, Jacqueline Narquis 8, Thomas Whitwam 7, Beate Kubitz 7, Matthew Snell 6, Vanessa Whitfield 5, Simon Patman 3.

A & T Final

Burns, Street, Whitwam, Snell.

Singletrack 'C' Final

Patman, Kubitz, Whitfield.

Singletrack 'B' Final

Chant, Chippendale, J. Narquis, Pitchers.

Singletrack 'A' Final

Haygarth, Kennedy, C. Narquis, Stansfield.

Referee - Mike Hack.