Cycle Speedway Weekly Roundup - August 1

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Cycle Speedway Weekly Roundup

Reports and results week ending August 1 2010

Report: Leicester V Birmingham

Craig Marchant made a jet propelled start to join team mate Nowacki for a maximum in heat one over Mould and Wadhams and things went much to the home sides plan until heat five, Birmingham snatching their own maximum over Burns and Marchant after a coming together on the first bend, the referee allowing the race to continue. Thaw and Bates took a 6-4 over Peck and Ashford in heat six and the scores were tied. Nowacki then teamed up with reserve Jarvis to take a maximum over Timms and Heard in heat seven only to lose the very next heat by the same margin and the teams entered the interval level.

Consecutive 6-4 advantages in heats fourteen and fifteen gave the Leicester outfit some breathing space and the match was tied up in heat seventeen thanks to a 7-3 from Nowacki and Stephenson.

Lewis Bates was unbeaten for the visitors and was the only rider to beat Nowacki, he received decent back up from Wadhams and Groves. Both Peck and Stephenson had good matches for Leicester with Marchant just having that one blip in heat five.

Nowacki retained his match race title after Bates withdrew and replacement Timms moved at the start.

Leicester 95 (A Peck 17, L Nowacki 16+3, A Srephenson 15, C Marchant 14+1, J Ashford 11+2, D Pike 10, C Jarvis 9, K Burns 3)

Birmingham 85 (L Bates 20, M Wadhams 14+1, N Groves 11, B Mould 8+1, E Thaw 8+1, P Heard 8, C Timms 8, G Pearce 8)


Leicester 69, Birmingham 67

Report: British Premier League - Norwich V Wednesfield

Words - Glenn Grange

The Norwich / Norfolk Premier Coachworks ‘Stars' Cycle Speedway season seems to be going from bad to worse, as they suffered their 8th consecutive British Premier League defeat of the 2010 season. After a close first half, when the pressure mounted in the second half, Norwich just seemed to fall away writes Glenn Grange.

West Midlands giants Wednesfield ‘Aces', tracking the current British Senior Champion in Lee Aris and a former British Senior Champion in Terry Norman, carried too much fire power for Norwich, who put up a terrific first half display to only go into the interval losing to a score of Norwich 44, Wednesfield 45.

The racing in the first half was of the highest quality, and for a short while, the thinking was can the shock result be on. A Heat 5 7 - 3 from Leigh Cossey and George Solomon put The Stars ahead for the first time in the match, and it wasn't until a Wednesfield 6 - 4 heat win in Heat 8 from Mark Griffiths and Chris Jewkes put Wednesfield back into the lead.

So after a hard fought first half, the two League points could have gone to either side, but with Wednesfield seemingly stepping up a gear in the second half, Norwich didn't have the answer to The Aces. It was a case of Wednesfield recording most race wins in the second half, scoring 6 to be precise to Norwich's three.

Wednesfield were also capable of tucking in behind the race leader and not finishing in a last place. Lee Grange showed once again that he can live with the top riders by scoring a hard fought 18 points, but when your next highest points scorer can only score 11 points, there the story ends. No excuses, Wednesfield were the better side, but Norwich can, and must do better. The fastest race winning time came in Heat 2 from Terry Norman in a time of 42.7 seconds.


Lee Grange 18, George Solomon 8+2, Dan Osborne 10, Dave Solomon 10+1,
Dan Chambers 9+2, Ian Grange 11, Phillip Adams 3+1, Leigh Cossey 11.

Roger Cox 9+1, Chris Jewkes 8+2, Ben Higham 6, Terry Norman 20,
Lee Aris 16+2, Scott Doherty 14+3, Mark Griffiths 19, Luke Draisey 5.

Combination Match
In the Premier Combination match, The Aces 'B' team started the match in storming fashion, opening up with four 7 - 3 heat wins to lead after Heat 4 by 12 - 28. It was much the same as the first team match with the visitors dominating the match. Norwich could only provide two race wins, and those came from Josh Colby in Heat 6 and Kieran Parr in Heat 12. In a one sided disappointing match, the final match score was Norwich 'B' 65, Wednesfield 'B' 79.


Joshua Colby 10, Danni Riley 5, Jake Bacon 7, Kieran Parr 7+1,
Jason Barker 7, Barry Copping 5+1, Oliver Riley 3, James Wakefield 7+1.

Chris Jewkes 14+2, Roger Ellis 10, Luke Draisey 17+3, Ben Harper 15,
Matt Turley 9+3, Mick Aris 14.

Results: British Premier League

Horspath 102 ( Lewis Osborne 9, Chris Osborne 19+1, Steve Harris 16+1, Mark Carmichael 11+2, Matues Szymczak 17+2. Premek Binkowski 13+1, Dave Carmichael 7+3, Shaun Rudman 10+1.)

Poole 76 ( Gavin Wheeler 16+1, Matt Mildon 10, Tom Colling 9+1, Sam Hearn 10, Artur Poprawlski 14, Leighton Glover 7, Dean Hook 3, Aaron Morgan 7.)

British Premier Combination

Horspath 72 ( Mike Burgess 15, Lee Clarke 8, Daniel Harper 10+2, Zac Payne 8, Mark Janes 10+3, Paul Gibbs 11, Jack Smith 11.)

Poole 55 ( Dean Hook 11+2, Matt Elston 8, Leighton Glover 12, Will Bristow 8, Luke Armes 9, Aaron Smith 4, Matt Mildon 3.)

Result: Norfolk Grand Prix Series Round 5 at Harford Park

Match abandoned after five heats - heavy rain and flooded track. 22 riders present.

Rearranged for next Wednesday August 4th at Harford Park 19.00

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