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Week Ending 25th April 2010

The latest reports from the cycle speedway leagues.

Norwich v Ipswich

Report: Gary Colby

Norwich entertained Ipswich in the South East division 1 fixture at Eaton Park, torrential rain turned to brilliant sunshine just before the start of the match.

The first heat saw a 5-5 with a great win from Lee Grange. Alan Parkins was harshly excluded in the second heat, leaving partner, Scottish International Richard Hunt against the two Ipswich riders. After finding himself in second place after the first turn, Richard made a vintage pass to go on and win the heat. Ipswich gained a 7-3 heat win in heat five which put them in control of the meeting. The score at half time was Norwich 41, Ipswich 48.

In the first heat after the break, Norwich were on a 6-4 heat advantage which then saw the Ipswich rider take a fall and then re-instated for the re-run. Gary Colby was leading for three laps but lack of fitness prevailed and was passed by the Ipswich Rider in the last lap.

Heat eleven saw Ipswich gain a 7-3 heat win. In heat twelve the in form Lee Grange with partner Barry Copping gained the only heat advantage of the match. Leigh Cossey looking more like himself managed his third race win in heat thirteen, other than that Ipswich dominated the second half with the match finishing Norwich 80, Ipswich 99.


Norwich 80: Lee Grange 20, Leigh Cossey 17+1, Richard Hunt 13, Barry Copping 8, Gary Colby 6, Alan Parkins 5+1, Chris Cullum 4, James Wakefield 4,
Kieran Parr 3.

Ipswich 99: Marcus Szyszlyk 17+2, Josh Brooke 16+1, Leon Mower 15+3, Jamie Chittock 15+1, Dan Pike 14+2, George Solomon10+3, Jordy Stant 9, Ashley Hill 3.

Please note: Norwich U16 v Ipswich U16 has been postponed, due to injury and illness of four of the Norwich team, until Sunday 30.05.10 when Ipswich visit Norwich at Harford park.

South West Division 1 Roundup

Report: Graham Sutton

Southampton v Newport

In a full programme of racing there were wins for Southampton, Hellingly, Poole and Exeter with all matches highly competitive, a testimony to the region's rider grading system. Closest result of the day was at Lower Dicker where Hellingly inched past Swindon with the Hollebon brothers and Zac Parsons spearheading a three point victory. Horspath and Poole both fielded changed line-ups at the Oxford circuit with the visitors maintaining their unbeaten record to head the League table. East Newport competed well but had no answer to the Exeter trio of Dom McCrae, Craig Nethercott and Thomas Reed who dropped just one point to an opponent between them.

Southampton were at full stretch to fend off a strong challenge from Newport in a close and sporting encounter at Winchester Road. With track conditions somewhat testing, riders from both sides were caught out at times but with the interval scoreline at 47-42 the match was in the balance. The gap was down to just 3 points after heat 14 when the Welsh side banged in a 7-3 and this margin remained after a drawn heat 15. With the Saints taking a maximum in heat 16, the penultimate heat was crucial and for several laps the visiting pair were on to a 7-3 of their own until Chris Davies took a tumble letting Rich Hayes and Rob Haywood through for a rather fortunate 7-3 to put the league points beyond reach of their opponants. Mark Carmichael rounded off the match to complete a bonus maximum with his second win over Gavin Wheeler after the home star slipped at an untimely moment.


Southampton 94: Tom Colling 18, Gavin Wheeler 17, Rob Haywood 16, Colin Wheeler 12, Richard Hayes 10, John Vernam 9, Dan Miller 7, Josh Robertson 5.

Newport 85: Mark Carmichael 18, Dave Murphy 16, Ollie Sidwick 14, Chris Davies 11, Jack Harrold 9, Colin Simmons 8, Joe Lewis 6, Ryan Evans 3.
Referee - Mike Legge.

SW Conference

Southampton 63: Alex Matthews 14, Hayden Chant 11, Josh Robertson 10, Richard Hayes 10, Dave Davies 9, James Colling 5, Dan Miller 2, Jamie Miller 2.

Newport 87: Jack Harrold 20, Joe Lewis 15, Ollie Sidwick 15, Jacob Soper 14, Ryan Evans 12, Rebecca Davies 7, Lewis Moore 4.
Referee - Pete Chant.

South West Division 1

Hellingly 91 Neil Hollebon 19, Martin Hollebon 18, Zac Parsons 18, Eddie Ridley 13, S.Craddock 8, S.Archer 7, J.Morley 4, R.Birchett 4 .

Swindon 88 Shaun Rudman 19, Mark Janes 17, Danny Harper 15, Martin Glover 10, James.Bailey 9, A.Glover 7, Paul Matthews 6, Franek Joachim 4.

SW Combination

Hellingly 60: R.Ball 6, Pheobe Kemp 6, S.Archer 9, R.Burchett 5
Swindon 68: P.Matthews 14, A.Glover 13, M.Glover 14, F.Joachim 11

South West Division 1

Horspath 84: Mike Burgess 18 Mark Boaler 15 Paul Gibbs 11 Matt Coulter 10 Jack Smith 8 Wayne Clark 8 Lee Clarke 7 Zac Payne 7

Poole 92: Leyton Glover 18 Sam Hearn 15 Arron Morgan 14 Jake Williams 12 Ben Donohue 11 Dean Hook 10 Matt Mildon 4
Referee Geoff Gamage

SW Combination

Horspath 48: Livvi Horsley 14 Rachael Edge 11 J.Semper 10 Jess Lamb 8 George Horsley 5

Poole 32: Matt Elston 16 Marcus Warwick 6 Sam Harbord 5 Alex Lane 3 Will Bristowe 2

SW Conference

Horspath 60: Lee Clarke 12 Zac Payne 10 Jess Lamb 9 Wayne Clarke 9 J Richardson 8 Rachael Edge 7 George Horsley 5

Poole 88: Dean Hook 18 Leyton Glover 17 Jake Williams 13 Arron Morgan 13 Matt Elston 13 Matt Mildon 13 Will Bristow 3 Marcus Warwick 2.

SW Division 1

Exeter 95: Dominic McCrae 20, Craig Nethercott 19, Thomas Reed 18, Aaron Herbert 13, Sam Dart 11, Dan Winchester 7, Andy Collett 6, Aaron Coles 4.

East Newport 81: Louis Harvey 17, Neil Power 13, Ryan Hughes 11, Aaron Hughes 10, Nicky Evans 10, Ryan Lewis 9, Matt Davis 7, Corey Burnell-Jones 4.

SW Combination

Exeter 35: Lauren Hookway 8, Joe Avery 7, Charlie Jane Herbert 7, Matt Trechman 7, Jamie Lovering 6

East Newport 44: Dan Bock 15, Nigel Clark 11, Josh Davis 8, John Marks 5, Rob Absolum 4, Kalid Mitha 1

SW Conference

Exeter 66: Aaron Herbert 17 Aaron Coles 14 Charlie Jane Herbert 9 Joe Avery 7 Jamie Lovering 6 Lauren Hookway 5 Matt Trechman 5, Jack Herbert 3.

E.Newport 81: Correy Burnell-Jones 17, Ryan Lewis 15 Aaron Hughes 14 Louis Harvey 12 Josh Davis 10 Dan Bock 10 Kalid Mitha 3.

Leicester v Sandwell

25th April 2010 | Report: Tim Jarvis | Images: Magda Nowacki

Leicester chalked up their first Midland League win of the season, however a good meeting was marred by an accident involving Lukas Nowacki. The popular Leicester rider took a nasty looking crash in heat fifteen suffering facial injuries, after a long delay he came out to win the re-run but then withdrew from the meeting.

Sandwell started in defiant mood with a well worked 7-3 from Newey and Ball over Jarvis and Whitehead, however Nowacki and Burns immediately returned the compliment. Skinner and Marchant took another maximum in heat six over Haddock and Lee Smith and in the next heat Jarvis made a good pass on fast starting Matt Smith, Whitehead taking the vital third spot and helping the home side open up a six point lead.

The visitors fell further behind after the break claiming the inside grids which kept the score line respectable. Newey, Ball and the Smith brothers could never be discounted whilst the Monarchs were solid all the way down the order. Marchants' score was restricted by a fall in his last outing, Jarvis was back to his normal self, Nowacki was unbeaten from his four rides and reserves Kemp and Hartshorn looked much sharper than in recent matches.


Leicester 95 (C Jarvis 17, C Marchant 16, L Nowacki 15+1, K Burns 12+1, M Skinner 10+2, M Hartshorn 10+1, N Whitehead 9+1, J Kemp 6)

Sandwell 83 (M Newey 17+1, M Smith 14, J Ball 13+2, L Smith 13, S Millward 10+1, T Haddock 9, J Palmer 4+2, P Clarke 3)


Lions 47 (C Cooper10, L Kemp 8, L Doughty 8)

Sandwell 83 (R Johnston 19+1, J Hill 17+1)

Monarchs 67+3 = 70 (A Doughty 18, J Kemp 15+2)

Sandwell 63 (S Millward 20, P Clarke 12)

Manchester League Grand Prix Round 1

21st April 2010 | Report: Mike Hack

The Manchester League Grand Prix series started with the opening round at Astley & Tyldesley on Wednesday evening. A good turn-out saw 36 races held, with some fast times posted under the Gin Pit floodlights, as riders enjoyed the effects of the winter track improvements.

Defending Division 1 (senior) champions Stockport got off to a win in the senior category, with no one racing unbeaten. The Division 2 (junior) category was very closely contested, with Stockport beating last year's champions, Astley & Tyldesley, by a single point. Adam Turnbull raced unbeaten in the u-10s category, as did Mat Lush in the u-16s category and Ben Higham in the u-19s event.


Division 1 Result 

Stockport 52 Bury 43 Astley & Tyldesley 9.

Seniors: Chris Parish (Bury) 15, Terry Norman (Stockport) 14, Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 13, Mat Lush (Stockport) 11, Dave Murphy (Bury) 11, Neil Howarth (Bury) 11, Luke Jamson (A & T) 9, Jack Lush (Stockport) 9, Ben Higham (Stockport) 8, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 6, Ben Dickenson (Bury) 6, Warren Mee (Stockport) 4.
Referee - Mike Hack.

Division 2 Result 

Stockport 75 Astley & Tyldesley 74 Bury 56.

U-10s: Adam Turnbull (A & T) 16, Max Evans (A & T) 14.
U-13s: Matt Turner (Stockport) 15, Adam Phillips (A & T) 15, Joel Partington (A & T) 15, Adam Watson (Bury) 13, Tom Spencer (Bury) 12, Georgina Healey (Stockport) 12, Stefan Whitelegg (A & T) 9, Adam South (Bury) 7.
U-16s: Mat Lush (Stockport) 16, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 14, Jake Read (Stockport) 14, Jack Lush (Stockport) 13, Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 11, Laura Watson (Bury) 10, Robin Yang (Bury) 9, Chris South (Bury) 9.
U-19s: Ben Higham (Stockport) 16, Luke Jamson (A & T) 14, Matthew Turnbull (A & T) 13, Ben Dickenson (Bury) 12.
Referees - Alan Farrell & Mike Hack.

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25/4 South-East League Division 1

KESGRAVE 67 Gary Brown 17+1 Harry Swallow 10
HETHERSETT 113 Leon Wild 19 Dave Martin 17+2 David Adams 16+3 Dan Chambers 15+4

25/4 Northern League

Hull v Stockport 2006 75 - 74

Sheffield v Bury 69 - 74 

25/4 Northern Combination League 

Hull v Stockport 2006 66 - 83

Sheffield v Bury 122 - 74

28/4 Norfolk Grand Prix Series Round 1 at Harford Park

A Finals
U13/Novice - 1 Oliver Buxton HET 2 Calvin Grimes HET 3 Danny Margitson NOR 4 Ryan Mountain NOR
U16/Women - 1 Danielle Riley NOR 2 Carly Grimes HET 3 Emma Betts NOR
U19/Senior/Vets - 1 Leigh Cossey NOR 2 David Adams HET 3 Dan Chambers HET 4 Dave Martin HET

Northern Fours Results and standings at 26th April 2010

Eurovets Round 2 Kesgrave 24th April 2010