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Week Ending 13th July 2009

Results and reports from a week in Cycle Speedway - keep checking back as more results and reports come in...

Birmingham v Wednesfield

Premier League, Sunday July 12th
Report: John Heard

Birmingham started this match like their lives depended on it with three 7-3' and three 6-4s in the first 6 heats and Wednesfiled just didn't know what had hit them. The normally reliable Chris Jewkes was on the wrong end of two of the 7-3s, Lee Aris slipped off when chasing Dominic Rycharski and the other big hitter Terry Norman lost out to Lewis Bates and Russ Evans.

Things improved for the away side when Chris Timms was excluded for moving at the start of heat 7 leaving Paul Heard marooned on grid four and with Lee Aris off grid three the inevitable 3-7 followed. However at the interval Birmingham were 14 points ahead and at that point had provided 8 of the 9 race winners.

Wednesfield have not won all of the trophies they have over the last few years by throwing in the towel, and Roger Ellis obviously rallied his troops in the break and they came out fighting with a 7-3 of their own in heat 10 through a great first turn by Terry Norman and Mark Griffiths forcing Dominic Rycharski out of the race on the first corner.

Lee Aris became the only Wednesfield rider to beat Lewis Bates in the next race but with Errol Thaw holding of Sam Smith the race was halved. Another excellent first turn by Terry Norman in heat 12 when he got Dayle Peace into first place looked to narrow the gap further but Chris Timms made two wonderful passes to take the flag and again another race was halved.

Heat 13 saw Wednesfield's next 7-3 with Chris Jewkes finally finding some form to shepherd his partner Roger Cox home in front of him, and the match that looked all over at the interval now had only 6 points in it. However that was as close as it got as Birmingham made a 7-3 and 6-4 in the next two races to virtually guarantee the points.

Marcus Wadhams came in for an unwell Paul Heard in heat 17 and completed his 4 ride maximum when Lee Aris was controversially excluded by referee Mike Hack for not speeding up when requested: Lee did claim not to have heard the referee's request, however with his experience he must have known that the pace he was riding at was not going to be acceptable to the official. Errol Thaw grabbed 2nd place and then Lewis Bates and Dominic Rycharski completed the job with the final heat 7-3. Final score Birmingham 97 Wednesfield 80 and interestingly enough every Birmingham rider won at least one race.

Thanks to Mike Hack for a very professional refereeing display.

Birmingham 97: Lewis Bates 18+1, Marcus Wadhams 15+1, Dominic Rycharski 13, Errol Thaw 12+2, Chris Timms 12+2, Paul Heard 10+1, Russ Evans 9, Nathan Groves 8

Wednesfield 80: Terry Norman 16+1, Lee Aris 12, Chris Jewkes 11+3, Mark Griffiths 11, Dayle Peace 8+1, Roger Cox 8, Scott Docherty 7+2, Sam Smith 7.


Wednesfield were up against it from the off conceding 22 penalty points with Lee Aris and Scott Docherty 'doubling up'. With the exception of a heat 1 Birmingham 7-3 through Paul Timms and Tom Sensical, every other race in this match was drawn 5-5!

There was however some excellent racing, particularly the duels between Lee Aris and Carl Winwood, and there is no doubt that in Liam Johnson Wednesfield have a star in the making. For Birmingham there was some excellent team riding from Tom Sensical and Mark Winwood, Mark Fletcher had probably his best meeting of the year and all of the other riders scored well.

For Wednesfield Lee Aris rode unbeaten and had some excellent support from Stu Bentley who once again rode very well around the Perry Barr track.

Finally two lots of thanks - to Garry Pearce for stepping in to referee and to Wayne Aris and the Wednesfield management for allowing 6 year old Billy Winwood to have his point in heat 11 after being lapped - it really did mean lot to him - such a pity that all Clubs cannot be so gracious!

Birmingham 89: Paul Timms 13+1, Carl Winwood 13+1, Tom Sensical 12+2, Mark Winwood 10+3, Mark Fletcher 10, Phil Widdas 7+1, Billy Winwood 2.

Wednesfield 63: Lee Aris 16, Stu Bentley 15, Scott Docherty 10+1, Matt Turley 8, Liam Johnson 6+2, Natalie Timms 4+2, Jordan Rich 4.

Horspath v Poole

Premier League, Sunday July 12th
Report: Geoff Gamage

Both Horspath and Poole had riders in from Poland for this encounter. Poole having won the previous two seasons at The Village, were without both Gavin Wheeler and Thomas Reed. The Hammers had Rafal Dulinski in for Marcin Skowronek, whilst Poole tracked Dulinski's Torun team mates Pawel Ciegelski and Marcin Paradzinski alongside Artur Poprawlski.

Dulinski shot from the gate to take heat 1 with Roberts excluded giving Horspath a 6-3, Horspath England duo of Mark Boaler / Mike Morgans took heat 3 7-3. Dulinski and Matuesz Szymczak combined for a 6-4 in the next race. Heat 6 then saw Boaler / Morgans take advantage of a Paradzinski exclusion for a 7-2. Poole hit back in the 8th with a Chris Roberts / Tom Colling 6-4, and a Ciegelski / Murphy 6-3 following a Morgans exclusion at the interval with Hammers leading 48-39.

A fine 7-3 from Boaler / Mark Carmchael opened the second half well for Horspath. Steve Harris / Wayne Hutt then got a 6-4 before Ciegelski / Paradzinski took advantage of Dulinski's exclusion for a 7-2 in the 12th. Colling / Roberts notched a 6-4 in the 13th, Morgans / Dave Carmichael grabbed a 6-3 in the 16th following another Paradzinski exclusion. An all Polish penultimate race saw Poole's Poprawlski / Ceigelski for a 6-4, but Hammers Boaler / Harris finished with a 7-3 and a final 94-81 scoreline

Horspath 94: ( Rafal Dulinski 14, Dave Carmichael 12+1, Steve Harris 18+1, Wayne Hutt 4, Mike Morgans 12+1, Mark Boaler 18+1, Mateusz Szymczak 10, Mark Carmichael 6+1.)

Poole 81: ( Tom Colling 13, Chris Roberts 10+1, Pawel Ceigelski 13+2, Marcin Paradzinski 9, Ben Mould 6+1, Artur Poprawlski 15+1, Dave Murphy 6, Rob Haywood 7.)

referee Ralph Doughty ( Long Eaton)

Premier Combination

Horspath: 58 ( W.Clarke 12, J.Richardson 5+1, L.Clarke 16, J.Smith 5+1, M.Coulter 11+1, J.Toser 6+1, G.Horsley 3.)

Poole 72: ( A.Morgan 15. J.Lamb 6+1, M.Mildon 9, L.Glover 16, L.Armes 12+2, M.Elston 9, H.Boucher 5.)

Norwich v Leicester

Premier League, Sunday July 12th
Report: Gary Colby

Leicester started on inside gates and gained a 7-3 from Kev Burns and Dan Pike. The following 8 heats saw 5 exclusions; the 1st in heat 2 was Richard Williamson giving Leicester a 6-3 advantage. Norwich then gained their own 6-3 in the following heat after Nicky Whitehead was excluded. The following 4 heats saw Norwich then Leicester taking it in turns to win 6-4. Norwich took the lead in heat 8 when Dan Pike was excluded allowing Norwich to take 7-2. In heat 9, first Adam Stephenson from Leicester was excluded for moving at the tape, then in the re-start Jazz Abbott from Norwich was also excluded for moving at the tapes leaving a match race between reserves Richard Hunt and Norman Venson. Venson made the start but Richard Hunt made a vintage pass on the unsuspecting Leicester rider to gain a 4-3 to Norwich. Score at half time 43-41.

After the break, Norwich moved 7 points clear after exclusion to Craig Marchant gave Norwich a 7-2 heat win. Heat 13 saw the Leicester paring of Pike and Burns score7-3 to make the score 62-60. The remainder of the match was closely contested with Leicester scoring 6-4 in heats 16 and 17. This put them 1 point ahead going into the final heat which finished on a 5 all, Dan Pike taking the win.

Norwich 85: Lee Grange 17, Leigh Cossey 14, Ian Grange 13, Craig Norton 10+1, Jazz Abbott 9, Richard Williamson 8+3, Ben Collins 7+1, Richard Hunt 7.

Leicester 86:  Dan Pike 16, Leon Yelland 15, Adam Stephenson 13, Kevin Burns 11+2, Norman Venson 10, Nicky Whitehead 8, Craig Marchant 7, Mark Whitehead 6+1.

Referee: Stan Allison


The combination match began with Leicester giving 13 points away. Norwich started with a 6-4 heat win for Dan Johnson and Barry Copping. Norwich youngsters James Wakefield and Josh Colby improved on this in the second heat by scoring 7-3 over Steph and Lucy Whitehead. Heat 4 saw Leicester's Michelle Whitehead take the win over the strong looking Norwich pair but unfortunately her partner did not finish. Heat 5 saw Lewis Conner and Liam Parker from Norwich score the final 7-3 of the match to take the progressive score 30-19. The remainder of the match was mainly shared heats, but Norwich had done the hard work in the first 5 heats giving them the important victory.

Norwich 84: James Wakefield 13, Barry Copping 12, Liam Parker 12+1, Kieran Parr 10+3, Dan Johnson 10+2, Joshua Colby 9+4, Lewis Conner 4, Robert Warminger 1.

Leicester 58: Craig Marchant 16, Mark Whitehead 15, Steph Whitehead 9+1, Michelle Whitehead 7, Lucy Whitehead 7, Luke Whitehead 4.

Referee: Craig Norton

Gt. Blakenham v Sheffield

Premier League, Sunday July 12th

This is always a tough clash - both teams were short of riders however Sheffield have the greater strength in depth and this should have favoured them.

An exclusion in heat 3 for Jamroschky gave the home side a 7 -2 heat win and the advantage, this was quickly regained in heat 5 when the Polish pairing of Kozlowski and Burchardt took advantage of the weak home pair. Heats 8 and 9 saw the visitors take control of the match with two 7-3 heat results and a gate exclusion in 10 for Dan Osborne didn't help the home side, 44 to 54 after 10 heats and the prospected of a heavy defeat was on the cards.

The partnership of Peck and Chris Osborne clawed a 7-3 back in heat 11. The fight back for Blakenham was when the had three consecutive 6-4 heat wins this put them one point ahead with just 3 heats remaining. Drawn heat 16 but an exclusion for Chris Osborne made the scores level, Blakenham were off the outsides in the final heat, Lewis Osborne took the lead with Peck and Kozlowski battled and Peck slide off but got the point to secure the draw.

Gt. Blakenham 88: Lewis Osborne 18, Leon Mower 7+1, Adam Peck 12+1, Chris Osborne 12+1, Jason Ashford 11+2, Josh Brooke 18, Dan Osborne 8, Marcus Szyszlyk 2

Sheffield 88: Lee Smith 16, Pawel Kozlowski 13+4, Dariusz Pilas 18, Ryan Hoyland 6, Jamie Brown 6, Piotr Jamroschky 9, Chris Turner 2, Remi Burchardt 18


Both team had to use 3 riders from their first team, however the visitors only track 5 riders. This was a very friendly but completive match with all riders enjoying the racing. Gt. Blakenham were just to strong for the visitors with a number of 6-4's to take the match win with ease.

Gt. Blakenham 88: Adam Peck 15+1, James Day 15, Terry Ashford 7, Dan Osborne 15+1, Marcus Szyszlyk 8+1, Ray Pyke 14

Sheffield 73: Richard Hedson 6, Ryan Hoyland 10, Jamie Brown 17, Chris Turner 7+2, William Gamble 11+1

Astley & Tyldesley Reports

Report: Mike Hack

Stockport hosted the 6th and final round of the Manchester League Grand Prix series on Wednesday evening. Sheffield led the Division 1 table, with Stockport leading the Division 2 table, at the start of the night's racing. However, a dramatic evening's racing saw both leading teams overhauled, with Stockport winning the Division 1 title and Astley & Tyldesley winning the Division 2 title.

Stockport included the Lush twins to field a full strength line-up for the first time this season and they beat Sheffield on the night in the Division 1 match. This put them level on match points, but crucially Stockport scored 32 more race points to give them overall victory. A & T had led the table after 4 rounds, then Sheffield led after 5 rounds, before Stockport snatched overall victory at the 6th and final round. Dylan Radcliffe and Dariusz Pilas were joint top scorers on the night, with the Stockport youngster a clear winner in the overall Senior Grand Prix series.

Manchester League Division 1 match result (top 5 scorers count to team total)

Stockport 51 Sheffield 40 Astley & Tyldesley 23 Bury 0.

  • Seniors: Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 15, Dariusz Pilas (Sheffield) 15, Piotr Jamroszczyk (Sheffield) 14, Terry Norman (Stockport) 13, Ryan Hoyland (Sheffield) 11, Ben Dickenson (A & T) 10, Ben Higham (Stockport) 8, Mat Lush (Stockport) 8, Luke Jamson (A & T) 8, Jack Lush (Stockport) 7, Andy Knowles (A & T) 5, Bob Barber (Stockport) 4.

Referee - Alan Taylor (Stockport).

Final Division 1 League positions - Stockport 15 match points (218 race pts); Sheffield 15 (186); Astley & Tyldesley 13 (174); Bury 5 (62).

Astley & Tyldesley's youngsters pulled off a surprise, but deserved win to beat Stockport, to draw level on match points. A & T's 5 points win on the night was enough to overturn a 2 race points deficit to Stockport at the start of the night, to take overall victory in the Division 2 (junior) series by 3 race points. Four A & T riders - Adam Watson, Adam Phillips, Luke Jamson, Ben Dickenson - and two Stockport riders - Jake Read, Dylan Radcliffe - raced unbeaten on the night. Adam Watson sealed victory overall in the U-10 Grand Prix series, with Jake Read winning the U-13 Grand Prix series. Dylan Radcliffe was the winner of the U-16 Grand Prix series, with Ben Dickenson winning the U-19 Grand Prix series.

Manchester League Division 2 match result (top 5 scorers count to team total)

Astley & Tyldesley 76 Stockport 71 Bury 28 Sheffield 15

  • U-10: Adam Watson (A & T) 16, Adam Turnbull (A & T) 12, Colin Farn (A & T) 11, Tyler Koch (A & T) 5, Josh Ryan (Bury) 5.
  • U-13: Jake Read (Stockport) 16, Adam Phillips (A & T) 16, Richard Hudson (Sheffield) 15, Joe Pickford (Stockport) 13, Matt Turner (Stockport) 12, James Carter (Stockport) 9, Georgina Healey (Stockport) 8, Joel Partington (A & T) 8, Jamie Sinclair (A & T) 7, Sophie Pickford (Stockport) 7.
  • U-16: Dylan Radcliffe (Stockport) 16, Jack Lush (Stockport) 14, Jon-Luc Miladinovic (Bury) 13, Ben Higham (Stockport) 12, Ali Lam (Stockport) 12, Robin Yang (Bury) 10, Mat Lush (Stockport) 9.
  • U-19: Ben Dickenson (A & T) 16, Luke Jamson (A & T) 16.

Referee - Alan Taylor (Stockport).

Final Division 2 League positions - Astley & Tyldesley 20 (429) Stockport 20 (426) Sheffield 8 (241) Bury 8 (198).

South-East Round Up

12/7 South-east U10 Fours League Round 3 at Kesgrave

Kesgrave 58 G.Wiggins 16 K.Offord 15 P.Bacon 13 O.Knight 12
Gt.Blakenham 51 K.Grimmer 15 C.Hack 12
Ipswich 37 B.Harvey 11
Colchester 32 T.Smith 12
Hethersett 14 O.Forder-Wilcox 10

12/7 South-East U14 Fours League Round 3 at Kesgrave

Ipswich 55 R.Fellgett 15 T.Gilbert-Rolfe 13
Kesgrave 46 H.Swallow 14 R.Knight 13
Gt.Blakenham 40 P.Day 13
Hethersett 28 S.Grimes 13
Colchester 25 P..Kruger 9

The above scores are both adjusted after ignoring Hethersett guest riders

8/7 Breckland Autos Hethersett Charity Cup at Hethersett

1 Craig Norton Norwich 17
2 Gary Brown Somersham 16
3 Josh Brooke Ipswich 15
after race-off with
4 David Adams Hethersett 15
5 Dave Martin Hethersett 15
Referee - Mel Perkins