Report: British Vets' Club Champs

Report: British Vets' Club Champs

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British Veterans' Club Championship

May 30, 2009, Great Blakenham

Report & photos from Andy Whitehouse (

Filton rode away with the honours last Saturday (30th) in a hotly contested British Veterans Club Championship held at Great Blakenham. Until the 11th hour, the Filton team had only three riders and three race shirts until Dave Palfreyman was persuaded to make up a four man team. Both semi finals were tight affairs with points being shared pretty much equally throughout the afternoon on a well prepared fast track.

Semi A saw Norwich(45 pts) and Filton(41 pts) go through to the final dispensing of both strongly fancied Poole and Wednesfield,which on another day would have been a cracking final line up. Semi B again was a close run thing which saw both East London(49 pts) and Horspath(48 pts) doing enough to see both teams through to the days final.

More watering and brushing of the track continued during the break before the 4.30pm final which ensured more fast racing on the smooth surface. Some hard racing saw the stronger 2 teams of Filton (50 pts) and Norwich(47 pts) take the racing away from East London(33 pts) and Horspath(30 pts) but on the day Filton showed stronger legs and took the silverware back home to Bristol.


NORWICH 45: Gary Colby 14,Dave Soloman 12,Alan Parkins 10,Chris Cullum 9

FILTON 41: Norman Venson 13,Mike Burgess 12,Dave Frith 11,Dave Palfreyman 5

POOLE 39: Pete Young 10,Richard Clanfield 8,Colin Wheeler 8,Dave Murphy 7,Andre Cross 6

WEDNESFIELD 35: Mark Griffiths 15,Mick Aris 9,Roger Ellis 6,Steve Mullinder 5

REFEREE Dave Hunting


EAST LONDON 49: Dennis Hubble 15,Les Stvens 14,George Hughes 10,Kevin Smith 6,Steve Harvie 4

HORSPATH 48: Steve Harris 16,Martin Glover 11,Mark James 11,Robyn Carter 10

SANDWELL 44: Phil Hemming 14,Ivan Darby 11,Tony Bowen 11,Mick Evans 5,Pete Dalley 3

GREAT BLAKENHAM 42: Paul Brinkoff 14,Ray Pyke 12,Andrew Grimmer 7,Terry Ashford 7,Dennis Grant 2,

IPSWICH 8: Tony Stant 4,Dave Hill 4,Carol Knights 0,Jim Knight 0

REFEREE Steve Copping


FILTON 50: Dave Frith 15,Norman Venson 13,Mike Burgess 12,Dave Palfreyman 10

NORWICH 47: Dave Soloman 14,Gary Colby 13,Chris Cullum 11,Alan Parkins 9

EAST LONDON 33: Dennis Hubble 13,Les Stevens 9,Geoff Hughes 5,Steve Harvie 3,Kevin Smith 3

HORSPATH 30: Steve Harris 15,Mark James 6,Martin Glover 5,Robyn Carter 4